Clearwater Beach Week: Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort Joins CTW Family!

Nestled right in the middle of “Clearwater Beach Week” is a beautiful beachfront property nestled right in the middle of everything Clearwater has to offer.

We are very pleased to announce the third Clearwater property to join the Clean the World Hospitality Recycling Program- The Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort, found here online:

Their 416 newly renovated rooms are now participating in a history changing recycling program. People across the US and in impoverished countries desperately need soap and shampoo, in some cases to save their lives. The Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort has recognized that need and committed to helping those that are hurting, and to protecting the beautiful environment they call home in Clearwater Beach, FL. By preventing soap and shampoo waste from hitting landfills and allowing Clean the World to recycle and re-purpose them for those in need, Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort is making a big difference!

And to show your thanks, you should pay them a visit. And I know they will return the favor by offering so many wonderful vacation treats. They reside on 10 acres of brilliant white-sand coastline, overlooking the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, next to the vibrant Pier 60 and overlooking the beautiful marina.

They have a newly designed beachside pool complex with a Jacuzzi and restaurant views that look right into the gulf. Beachside fun abounds with parasailing, kayaking and my personal favorite, wave running! Have you ever wave run in the ocean? Talk about the great wide open…. There is nothing funner! (not an official word but when speaking about wave runners, its acceptable)

The Hilton Clearwater Beach has a cardio room and a full service health club one block from the property. For your meetings and special events, how about 35,000 square feet of space.

As a father of four, one of the best features a property offers our family are the specialized kids activities. Kids Rule at Hilton Clearwater Beach! Check out their commitment to children having fun at the resort:

What a great combination. Children having fun at the resort and participating in a recycling program that is saving children’s lives abroad!

Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort- Thank you for your participation in our program… You are truly making a difference and helping CTW Change History in Our Lifetime!

Shephard’s Beach Resort Offers Good Times and Responsibilities!

Day two of “Clearwater Beach Week” and we continue to have a tremendous response from Florida’s Beautiful West Coast. For those of you reading this blog not located in Florida, the weather yesterday was sunny, 79 degrees and beautiful blue skies. I can only imagine how white the Clearwater sands were yesterday and how nice the warm gulf water felt. This is one of the best times of the year to visit Florida’s Clearwater Beach. Want more proof? Check this link out with all the area attractions:

Shephard’s Beach Resort is the second Clearwater Beach resort to join Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program. After a quick review of their web site at it was very apparent what unique characteristic we would focus on with this resort- Having a Good Time, Day and Night!

Shephard’s Beach Resort has it all from beautiful beach front rooms and a fitness center inside to jet-ski and parasail rentals outside. Add their world famous Prime Rib and Seafood Buffet from Shephard’s Restaurant in the middle and your 8am – 1pm is accounted for.

Now how about from 1pm – 2am? First, pickup a tropical drink at Margarita Grill and then head over to Shephard’s Backyard Tiki Bar. Whether you enjoy live reggae or rock & roll, this may be the most entertaining beach side hang spot for a large group of people on Clearwater Beach!

Next, to the Sunset Lounge, where the Bay area’s best bands play dance hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today! Still haven’t had your good times fill?

Then we head to The Wave. Take a peak at this incredible looking night club: Can you picture yourself dancing the night away here? Even though it would be extremely dangerous to my back and muscles, I can and hope to one day soon!

There is no doubt that this property has a good time written all over it. Yet, they know their responsibilities too. They are Globally Responsible to their beautiful environment in Clearwater Beach by reducing needless landfill waste and protecting precious water systems. And they are Socially Responsible to their hurting neighbor domestically and abroad by ensuring critical hygiene necessities, soap and shampoo, are being re-purposed and delivered to them by Clean the World.

Thank you Shephard’s Resort for bringing us the fun and enjoyment of wonderful music and good times and also setting a great example of responsibility. And thank you for being our second property to join on Clearwater Beach Week!