ALERT: Beginng today, CTW supplies delivering with Corporate Aviator Responding in Emergencies Partnership

Clean the World is working in partnership with Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies (Care). This incredible group organizes private jet owners that donate their planes to transport supplies to disaster relief areas. They formed during Hurricane Katrina and are coming to the forefront now as an extremely valuable asset to assist.  Spread the word of their incredible group.

Today, our first flight will leave Orlando Executive Airport at 12:45pm. We are transporting 4 doctors, a relief worker, missionary and Clean the World leadership directly to Port-au-Prince. We will have over 1,000 pounds of cargo including medical supplies, hurricane kits and boxes of Clean the World soap!

A second flight will most likely leave this afternoon from Orlando Executive. Additionally, flights are planned from Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow evening and over the weekend. We will get thousands of pounds of cargo including hygiene products, medical supplies and water on this initial flights over the next few days.

Last night, a flight from Bridgeport, Connecticut brought us soap that originated from a school drive at Connetquot High School in Bohemia, New York. (we first blogged about this drive on December 20, 2009). This soap will make its way to Haiti in the upcoming days.

Lastly, we are organizing rescue missions out of Haiti as well. Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies will also provide transportation for those stuck in Port-au-Prince out of the country.

More details to follow.

ALERT: Clean the World Hotel Partners

Clean the World is currently mobilizing and organizing several large hygiene product collections that have been committed today in addition to the normal processing and collection we receive because of your commitment to our recycling program. Additionally, we call on all soap manufacturers and amenity providers to donate as much over stock or inventory to Clean the World.

We will partner with World Vision, Harvest Time International and Feed the Children to send containers of sanitation products into Haiti as soon as they gain clearance to deliver.

Additionally, Royal Caribbean has graciously offered space on cruise ships this weekend and next weekend to deliver hygiene products into the northern region of Haiti, where Clean the World has direct distribution on the ground. We are coordinating with our partners, Cap Haitien Health Network and Evangelical Church of Haiti (ECH) to provide transportation from the northern region into the impact zone as soon as the items arrive.

Many Clean the World Partner Hotels have contacted and requested how to help. There are three ways:

1) Please contact your local media (TV, radio, print, etc) and ensure that Clean the World is listed as an International AID organization with direct relief support to Haiti. We need this awareness to be built at every level

2) Ensure you are maximizing your current collections. Please make sure every room attendant and house keeper is fully participating so that we can receive as much soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath el as possible.

3) We are calling on all our Florida AND National Clean the World Hotel Partners to serve as collection points for individuals in your community that want to donate unused, unopened hygiene products. It will work like this:

a. Individuals in your community should be notified by you and by Clean the World (we will reach out to all local media for all our partners) that you are receiving unused, unopened, new hygiene products that will be distributed directly into Haiti for the relief efforts

b. Allow your community to drop the items off at your hotel in an area you designate.

c. Place the donated items in your collection or shipping bins

d. Clean the World understands that this will increase our pickup frequencies and the number of bins being shipped in from across the US. Today, we received a high number of financial donations that will be used to supplement the additional cost of pickups and shipping due to this program.

e. There will be NO ADDITIONAL cost to your property to participate.

f. We anticipate heavy volumes of donations over the upcoming weeks, with donations subsiding some time after.

If you wish to participate in this local community collection program, please email me directly, copy Steve DeLisle, National Operations Director, and Steven Cooper, Operations,

Again, we will notify the general public and your local media. You should also do the same.

We are prepared to begin receiving the additional donations immediately. Please consider and email back as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that because of legal and operational limitations, You must be a current Clean the World Hotel Partner to participate in this program. If you are not yet, please sign up today!

History has called us to this moment. We are incredibly happy that YOU are part of the Clean the World Hospitality Family!


Orlando, FL. — January 12, 2010 — As the world is stunned by the horrific news coming from the small island nation of Haiti in the wake of a powerful earthquake, Clean the World is focused on one thing: providing soap to the desperate island country.

“Today, our thoughts and prayers go out to our Haitian brothers and sisters” says Shawn Seipler, Executive Director of Clean the World. “As part of the global relief effort, Clean the World is committed to delivering massive amounts of soap into Haiti.”

The Need for Soap
Clinical studies by the World Health Organization and others show that the use of soap in hand washing reduces the incidences of acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease, the leading and second leading cause of death amongst children worldwide respectively. By providing soap to the impoverished people of Haiti, Clean the World hopes to greatly reduce these deaths. Right now, as relief efforts begin and, undoubtedly, will last for months and years to come, proper hygiene and the need for soap is essential.

In 2009, Clean the World delivered 200,000 bars of soap to schools, orphanages, clinics and churches in Haiti. Partnering with the Cap Haitien Health Network and the Evangelical Church of Haiti, Clean the World is providing free soap to people desperate for proper hygiene.

As Clean the World receives information from the ground in Haiti, they will continue to update Twitter, Facebook and their blog at

Sterilization Process and Distribution Efforts
Soap, shampoo and other bathroom amenities are donated to Clean the World by hotels all across the country, soap manufacturers, and individuals. Partially used amenities are processed by Clean the World at their recycling facility in Orlando, Florida. At the facility, Clean the World employees and volunteers clean the collected soap and sterilize it using a proprietary steaming process. The soap is then packaged and sent by cargo plane or boat for distribution in Haiti and other countries abroad.

Primarily supported by the generous donations of individuals and corporations, Clean the World is recycling soap from hotels that would otherwise end up in landfills across the United States. The effort has a dual benefit of reduced waste and saving lives.

Clean the World’s soap and shampoo recycling program has hotels participating from 17 states across the country including Florida, New York, Oklahoma, California and Colorado. In the state of Florida alone, over 90 properties across the state are participating in this life saving, recycling program. After a hotel guest uses their soap and shampoo, participating hotels collect the partially used items and place them in their Clean the World recycling bins. Clean the World then picks the items up from the hotels, and recycles them with a hygienically and environmentally safe re-purposing process.

Westin Diplomat Resort, located in Hollywood, FL, partners with Clean the World to recycle their partially used soap and shampoo amenities, and help save lives. “With a large number of Haitian’s on our staff and in our community here in South Florida, this tragedy highlights the importance of the commitment we have made to those less fortunate through soap and shampoo recycling and distribution” says Michelle Shulman, Director of Public Relations at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa.

In addition to Haiti, Clean the World has distributed soap internationally through partners with other missions and charitable organizations including World Vision, the Floating Doctors, Harvest Time International, and missions to Lesotho, South Africa, Baja, Mexico and Freeport, Bahamas. Domestically, the Salvation Army, Covenant House, STAR Family Center and about 15 other missions and shelters have received soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

About Clean the World Foundation, Inc.
An Orlando-based charitable organization, Clean the World Foundation, Inc. is committed to the prevention of illness and death caused by acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease in countries across the globe. In an effort to prevent these needless deaths from occurring, Clean the World Foundation collects discarded soap and shampoo from hotels to be recycled and distributed these soap products along with appropriate educational materials to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries worldwide. In 2009, Clean the World collected, recycled and distributed over 230 tons of soap and other bathroom amenities to impoverished people worldwide. With the donations of these discarded soap and shampoo products, Clean the World Foundation is a step closer to reaching their goal of preventing the millions of lives lost each year — and they’re doing it one bar of soap at a time. Clean the World Foundation, Inc is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.

Keep Haiti in your Thoughts and Prayers!!

Today in Haiti a terrible tragedy struck. Just ten miles from the most populous area near the city of Port au Prince a powerful earthquake struck. The government of Haiti is calling it a catastrophe and reaching out the world for help.

As you know Clean the World has been working to continuously deliver soap to Haiti through the Cap Hatien Health Network and the

Evangelical Church of Haiti. We have made many friends and connections throughout the country. We are now hearing terrible stories of tragedy and death from these friends.

We knew the need was great before, now the need is greater than ever. In the coming days and weeks, aid will start to reach Haiti and Clean the World is determined to be there. We have soap ready to go. We need cash donations in order to deliver it to those that need it so badly. Some will deliver medical aid, some will deliver food and water, with your help Clean the World will deliver soap. This soap will be critical in saving lives.
Please go to our website and donate whatever you can.

Thank you. And pray for our bothers and sisters in Haiti.

Seralago Hotel & Suites Adopts Clean the World Recycling Program…

If you are planning your family summer vacation right now to Central Florida, and are looking for a great value and an environmentally conscious and socially responsible property to spend your money at, let me direct your attention to a great hotel for the family this year: The Seralago Hotel & Suites Main Gate East is an affordable Kissimmee hotel located near Orlando’s number one attraction… The Big Mouse as we like to call him in these parts! 🙂

This 614 room property has everything for the family included 2 heated, Olympic size swimming pools (good for this time of year too) with poolside bar, kiddie pool, playground, fitness center and a food court. Basketball, sand volleyball and tennis accompany the “Dungeon” arcade room. Check out the Seralago Hotel & Suites and everything they have to offer here:

With a complimentary scheduled shuttle to Walt Disney World, The Seralago Hotel & Suites offers everything you need to have fun before and after they personally deliver you to the greatest theme park in the history of mankind! Seralago is also part of the Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotel Program with details here: (

Seralago is not only a good neighbor to Walt Disney but they are a great neighbor to Orlando, our environment, and those less fortunate around the globe receiving life saving, hygiene necessities from Clean the World. Joining our program means every single day after each guest uses their soap and shampoo, this property collects those partially used items, places them in a Clean the World pickup bin, and ensures that they will not end up in a Central Florida land fill, but instead that those items will be recycled and delivered to impoverished people in Haiti, Africa, Mexico or any of the other 50+ countries that have received deliveries of Clean the World soap.

This is such an incredibly important recycling program on so many levels and so it is incredibly important for Clean the World to tell you about the properties that have made a commitment to our program. Thank Jan, Seralago’s General Manager, by phone, email or by booking your next family vacation to Orlando at their property.

60 Countries Learn to CLEAN THE WORLD!

Happy Monday morning Clean the World Family!

Do you realize that you are a part of a movement? A movement that is not only spreading throughout our beautiful country and the hospitality industry, but a movement that is global, spreading across our beautiful world!

Millions of travelers just like you have asked what happens with the soap and shampoo from their hotel room after they use it. Clean the World is a very clear answer to that question. A charity, an organization, and now a global family that focuses on collecting those partially used items, recycling them and then distributing them to those that desperately need the items all across the globe.

We are contacted daily by hotels all across the United States AND the globe. Request to join have come in from hotels in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, China and Japan. We are working on an international solution as we envision Clean the World’s program expanding beyond the United States and all across the globe in 2010 and beyond. If we can collect 1 million bars of soap daily from the US, how much do you believe we can collect across the globe? How many lives do you believe we can touch?

Further proof is our web-site. has been visited by individuals from 60 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. Isn’t that incredible! From the US, Canada, and UK to United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Hong Kong and Switzerland. From Russia to Jordan… From Cyprus to Macedonia… has been visited by thousands of people across the globe! (this year, we plan on turning the thousands into millions!)

More interesting facts: on average, visitors from those 60 countries to view more than 5 pages on our site and stay for almost 3 minutes, which in considered high in the web site viewing world. Some really incredible statistics: friends from Singapore visit an average of 22 pages and those from South Korea visited an average of almost 9 pages. Movement promoters from Denmark stay on the site for more than 18 minutes on average, family members, from Croatia stay an average on 10 minutes!

Our movement is global. Our family is global. In the upcoming days and weeks, we will introduce new ways for you to help spread the word to those that need to hear us. We need hotels to continue to join the program. And we need you to thank those that have for their commitment to Saving Lives and Saving our Planet.

Thank you to those in the US for making Clean the World an overnight phenomenon. And thank you to our Global friends and followers for taking our cause, and now your cause, to your friends, family and people.

Together, all of us will CLEAN THE WORLD!

From the Adirondacks, The Whiteface Lodge is Making a Difference!

As many of you know, Paul Till, Clean the World’s co-Founder and Managing Director, manages the Hospitality Recycling Program sign up process. Every single day he is speaking to hotels all around the country, answering their questions, and providing key information for them to join our program. Next week, we will debut a new Clean the World Hospitality Recycling Program presentation that can be emailed by any individual to a hotel General Manager, Director of Housekeeping, or Corporate Officer so stay tuned.

As I have an opportunity to review the new properties that join Clean the World in a commitment to Save our Planet and Save Lives, I am continually amazed at how beautiful and unique our partners properties are. Today, our newest hotel partner, The Whiteface Lodge located in Lake Placid, New York perfectly fits that billing.

The Whiteface Lodge, nestled in the Adirondacks, is a Four Diamond, gorgeous resort and spa, rated the #22 Best Resort in the Continental US and Canada. You must go to their site. They even have a great video overview of their lodge when you go to their online photo gallery here: 

From skiing in the winter to hiking and relaxing on Lake Placid in the summer, The Whiteface Lodge is a wonderful, natural experience anytime of the year. And their spa experience is incredible- a 5,800 square foot mountain spa hideaway. They are the first resort in the Northeast with a private residence club offering members full and partial ownership throughout 85 magnificent suites. From one-bedroom to three-bedroom suites and Grand Lodge Suites that can accommodate eight guests plus additional space for children, this is indeed an extended stay, family vacation spot.

Perfect for weddings and meetings, The Whiteface Lodge is also a great spot for retreats featuring numerous teambuilding and relationship building activities that will help renew one’s mind, body and soul. I believe it is in this type of atmosphere and surroundings, enjoying our beautiful land, nature and God’s creation, that we can also truly appreciate the commitment by The Whiteface Lodge and others to our recycling program.

It starts with a very clear decision to the reduction of waste by preventing the bath bar soap and bottled amenities from finding their way into the trash which will eventually go into a landfill. By collecting those items and sending them to Clean the World, our recycling and re-distribution process ensures that those less fortunate, even dying from a lack of hygiene, receive items that they desperately need. I believe that there is a true sense of the circle of life and goodness of mankind when somebody enjoying the incredible sights and feelings at a beautiful property like The Whiteface Lodge knows that a recycling process with a life saving result is occurring there every single day too. It feels right and after studying and seeing The Whiteface Lodge, it’s a perfect fit!

The Whiteface Lodge- Thank you for joining Clean the World’s Recycling Program!

Club Med Sandpiper’s Commitment to Children

As we move full throttle into the New Year, it appears the hospitality community is determined to make 2010 an even better year than 2009. We continue to see tremendous activity and excitement around national Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program. We are now operational in 17 states across the US!

And right here, in our home state of Florida, the momentum and growth continues. We are incredibly pleased to announce that Club Med Sandpiper has joined the Clean the World family. By signing on to our unique recycling program, Club Med Sandpiper is reducing landfill waste in beautiful St Lucie County and instead ensuring their partially used bathroom amenities are being recycled, re-purposed and distributed to children and to those that truly need it here in the United States and abroad in impoverished countries like Lesotho, Africa, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras and abroad. Thank them for their commitment to Clean the World!

And if you are looking for a great family vacation, filled with sports and children’s activities, look no further than this very active and beautiful resort. With 3 swimming pools, 2 restaurants, and all the family accommodations necessary, this resort can also nearly guarantee Florida sunshine all summer long. 🙂

Want sports? Club Med Sandpiper offers basketball, beach volleyball, Club Med Gym Cardio training and weight room, soccer, water polo, archery, sailing, in line skating, skateboarding, table tennis and softball. For group activities, how about aqua fitness, cardio splash, cardio tennis and power walk. Also, in partnership with Grand Slam Partners and world class tennis coaches, Club Med Sandpiper offers the Elite Tennis Academy, and they offer the Golf Academy.

I am telling you- they have it all! They even have child care for all children, ages 4 months to 17 years old. With four children, my wife and I truly appreciate resorts that offer child care and activities so that we can spend some down time alone at the resort too.

Check out this exciting resort here where you can read all about these fantastic activities and book and vacation today:

It is so fitting that a resort so dedicated to children at their property, all year long, is committed to a program that Saves Children’s Lives across the globe. Thank you Club Med Sandpiper for joining the Clean the World family!

Spreading the Word about Clean the World & The Hotel Ambassador

At Clean the World, we often speak or write about “Spreading the Word”. One of the big reasons for our very early and quick success has been because individuals, corporations, friends, family, and hoteliers have been telling others about Clean the World. When this happens a phenomena occurs we refer to as connecting the dots. This is how a new hotel eventually joins our recycling program, or a new distribution charity that is in need of hygiene products contacts us and receives help. This is how a new grant becomes available or an opportunity for Clean the World to be mention within a media venue for more exposure presents itself. It starts with you simply Spreading the Word about this charity that is collecting and recycling hotel soap and shampoo all across the country to save lives.

One of the areas in 2010 that Clean the World will focus on with respect to Spreading the Word is with local and state agencies and government officials. So many states across the country have two groups that we really need to hear about Clean the World: 1) State Tourism agencies that have access and communication regularly with all the hotels, lodges, and bed & breakfasts in their state and 2) State Environmental agencies that are working hard to promote sustainable and eco friendly practices to organizations in their states, including those in the hospitality industry.

In 2009, Clean the World officially partnered with the State of Oklahoma on such an initiative. We are an ECO Advocate within the state’s certification program or Encouraging Conservation in Oklahoma (ECO). Clean the World participated in the inaugural press conference launch with state officials, partnered on ways to promote our program to state hotels and lodges, and we are being talked about at various workshops and conferences as the beautiful state of Oklahoma looks for ways to engage and promote all the wonderful practices contained in the ECO program. Here is a great link to all the details on Oklahoma’s ECO program and how they promote it: and here is a great article at Green Lodging News, which we highly recommend you subscribe to as well, that describes the program, its benefits and the Clean the World partnership:

We wrote about a new Oklahoma hotel, The Colcord Hotel, several weeks ago. The Colcord joined our recycling program as a result of Oklahoma’s ECO Initiative. Well, in the spirit of Spreading the Word, we are incredibly pleased to announce a second Oklahoma hotel to join Clean the World’s Soap and Shampoo Recycling Program.

The Luxury Boutique Hotel Ambassador located in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s uptown, is now a member of the CTW family. This beautiful and indeed luxurious property is reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance villa. This ten story property was introduced by General Patrick Hurley in 1929 as one of the first “extended stay” hotels. It has all the amenities and is perfect for weddings and important business meetings. The photo tour says it all. Check it out here:

The Hotel Ambassador is not only committed to their guest with these luxurious accommodations but they are committed to their beautiful environment by participating in Clean the World’s Advocacy Program within Oklahoma’s ECO Certification Program. The Hotel Ambassador found out about us because of their desires to learn how they can participate in various programs that are intended to protect their land, and we were one of those programs. Isn’t that Fantastic!

In 2010, we encourage you to contact your state tourism agencies and hotel and lodging sustainability programs about Clean the World. We also encourage you to visit Oklahoma, visit Hotel Ambassador in Tulsa, Colcord Hotel in Oklahoma City, or another fine hotel participating in the wonderful, state led environmental sustainability ECO program!

WHAT’S THE HURRY in 2010? By William Lowry

Several years ago, I came across a great little paperback book called “Getting Things Done” by Edwin C. Bliss. It was a terrific compilation of ways to approach effort and tasks that removed the clutter and compelled completion. I have kept a copy of the book in my possession ever since and will reread it from time to time. I am always reminded of the simple barriers that get in the way of our ability to “get stuff done”. It always sparks change and realignment of my world so that I can pursue efficiency and effectiveness.

Several times, we have been asked at Clean the World a stunning question: “Why are you in such a hurry to take this nationwide?”. On the face of it, it seems like a simple and reasonable question. But as you consider the answers, the question moves into the category of “stunning”.

Clean the World accomplishes four major objectives. I will list them for you.

1. Through our national recycling program, we are protecting the environment by keeping tons and tons of bar soap, and shampoo, body wash, lotion, and conditioner bottles from being disposed of in landfills all across America. Years and years of the accumulation of this waste has already filled acres throughout our land. This is at the very least irresponsible and perhaps even neglectful and cold-hearted. This is from our excess. Clean the World has the ability to prevent this needless dumping and turn a “black eye” on our nation into a compassionate effort that reaches out to the world. We are so grateful for every hotel and establishment that helps us make this happen!

2. By working with the housekeeping departments of hotels, Clean the World is able to promote good morale by adding purpose and meaning to the jobs and tasks of all of those too often overlooked individuals who work in the back of the house within hospitality industry. In cities like Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York, that is a lot of people. Knowing that everyday your job involves doing something that may save the life of a child, has a significant impact on what you do and how you do it. It can change the way you feel about your job. It can create an energy as you realize you are a part of something much bigger than yourself.

3. The operations of Clean the World involve a lot of effort and people. As we continue to add people, this means jobs. Our focus is centered on using people in our designated cities who are in programs designed to help people “get back on track”. Not only do we distribute soap and other products domestically, but we will be contributing to the successful reentry of people into stable lives.

4. After all of our effort to collect, sort, reprocess, and package soap, we take or distribute this soap into specific cities, communities, and villages around the world who are in great danger of diseases due to the inability to use proper hygiene practices.

There is a central or core purpose that drives the Clean the World team. Every day 9,000 children are dying all around the world because of the two most deadly diseases to children. Every study shows that hand washing with bar soap can reduce the transmission of these diseases. Though it may seem a given, if these children never have soap to use, they will never benefit from it. Our ability to have some lifesaving impact is totally predicated on our ability to get soap in their hands. Every day that we don’t get soap to them is a day they are at risk of catching one of these diseases. We are all under a justified and very compelling sense of urgency to get to as much soap as possible, as soon as possible, and get it into the hands of those children as quickly as we can. Now that we know what we know, and have the vehicle through which to accomplish our objectives, it has become very difficult to think about the number of lives we are not saving each day we discard soap into a landfill.

To many, the question of “What’s the hurry?” may seem a basic question, but for us it is stunning because of the global impact our efforts can make. We know that we will probably not keep every bar of soap in the U.S. from being discarded or that we will not have the means to prevent every child from contracting these diseases, but we can help some of them. Our goal…a million a year. If we can be a part of saving the lives of a million children each year, we can see these two diseases move off of the “ten deadliest diseases” list.

This is a year that we can very well see tremendous results. In 2010, I hope you too will catch our sense of urgency. Help us get it done. Help us reach those children around the world. Help us do it sooner. Become a part of the Clean the World Team. Bring your knowledge, your abilities, your skills, your resources, your network, your financial support, and your energy to our family. We can do this!!!!!!
William Lowry and the entire Clean the World Family!