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Global Soap Division Responds to Nepal Earthquake

GSP-badge-artWithin days of the April 25 earthquake in Nepal, Clean the World’s Global Soap division responded with an initial shipment of soap and hygiene kits to clinics and camps serving more than 5,000 families in Kathmandu. As soon as he could make travel arrangements, Chief Development & Programs Officer Sam Stephens flew to the affected area and supervised the distribution.

Supplies were delivered to people hardest hit by the catastrophe in the country’s largest city. This includes clinics where aid workers and doctors provided care to earthquake victims without regular access to soap and hygiene supplies.

We reached camps where thousands of families had no access to even the most basic hygiene items while they struggled to cope in the aftermath of the catastrophe. In these types of situations, handwashing with soap is the first line of defense in preventing the spread of deadly diseases, especially in camps where the living conditions are often unsanitary and unhealthy. A simple bar of soap can mean the difference between life and death. Our initial response effort ensures that doctors and families have access to soap at the most critical times, preventing an already devastating situation from becoming even worse.

Going forward, Clean the World will continue to work with our partners on the ground throughout Nepal to get soap and hygiene kits to the affected regions as requested. Our operations centers in the United States and Hong Kong are working with partners to identify needs and plan for aid shipments over the coming weeks.

Our on-the-ground partners will continue to make sure the soap reaches those individuals, families, and medical workers who need the supplies the most. In addition, we’ll continue to make sure that clinics and camps operating in the region have the ongoing supply of soap and hygiene items they need until local sources and supplies once again become available.

Thank you so much for your support of our efforts to make sure that those most in need have access to lifesaving soap and hygiene products. Your contributions really are making a huge impact!


Tharaldson Hospitality Supports Clean the World

With properties stretching from Rhode Island to California, Tharaldson Hospitality Management has a diverse portfolio of business-class hotels with an emphasis on superior quality, efficiency and service. We want to welcome Tharaldson to the Clean the World family.

“As a growing hotel company with the best brand partners, we want to make sure that we set a great example in giving back,” says Chief Operating Officer Aimee Fyke, who oversees all operations of the company’s 25 managed hotels. “Partnering with Clean the World provides the opportunity to help those less fortunate in a way that is operationally seamless.”

Since his first hotel acquisition in 1982, founder Gary Tharaldson has owned more than 350 hotel properties throughout the United States. He has been instrumental in developing prototype properties for the likes of Marriott and Hilton, and has received numerous awards from the same highly respected franchise companies.

Tharaldson Hospitality Management LLC, operates a portfolio of business class hotels under franchise license agreements with Intercontinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and Hilton. Our goal is to maximize the operational quality and financial performance of our hotels, grow market share and enhance the performance of our hotels through the constant pursuit of superior levels of quality, efficiency and service.

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