Dynamic Duo Travels 1,000 Miles to Volunteer at Clean the World

Rhonny and Kylie with Clean the World's Oscar Gonzalez.

Rhonny and Kylie with Clean the World’s Oscar Gonzalez.

In late August, we welcomed two very special volunteers to Clean the World’s Orlando recycling center. Super-soap heroes Rhonny and Kylie Fletchman traveled all the way from New York City to spend the day with us. Instead of riding roller coasters or seeing the sights, this mother-daughter team helped us further our mission of providing hygiene products and hygiene education to those in need globally.

“Most people don’t volunteer because they think they’ll have to put in too many hours and a lot of work,” Rhonny said. “At Clean the World, they believe every volunteer contribution helps. My daughter Kylie and I both agree that the two hours went by so fast (we ended up staying a little longer). The staff was so kind and attentive. It was a long day. We left on an early flight from NYC and came straight from the airport with our bags for fear of missing our 1 to 3 p.m. volunteer slot. We felt proud and appreciated. Once our schedules slow down, we’ll be back again. Keep doing this much needed valuable work.”

Clean the World Volunteer Coordinator Gabi Norris is excited about the Fletchman family making a return visit.

“It’s not often that you came across people as passionate about what we do as Rhonny and Kylie,” Gabi said. “I couldn’t believe they would travel all this way just to support us. It meant the world to me, and it puts a smile on my face to know they want to keep coming back. I really look forward to seeing those two again.”

Inspired by their dedication and support, our entire Clean the World team enjoyed meeting Rhonny and Kylie as these two were truly extraordinary!

It is the work of our amazing volunteers at Clean the World that fuels our mission to eradicate the top killers of children globally. It is through their support that we can save lives and fight hygiene-related diseases that are affecting millions all over the world.

Thank you again to Rhonny and Kylie Fletchman, and all of our great volunteers for being committed to our mission!