How Can Something You Throw Away Save a Life?

2.5 Billion

The number of cases of Diarrheal Disease that occur among children under the age of 5 per year.

949 Million

The amount of soap thrown away in the United States each year which ends up in landfills.

1.5 Million

The Number of children who lose their life to Diarrheal Disease, which is preventable by hand washing with soap.

What Happens to Slightly Used Soap Bars From Hotels?

Collect & Recycle

Volunteer at a one of our soap recycling facilities in Orlando or Las Vegas

Build Hygiene kits

Be a part of a Clean the World Hygiene Kit Build

All hygiene kits built can stay home to help your neighbors in need.

Distribute Soap

Be a part of a Clean the World distribution trip.

Join us and see the end result firsthand by distributing soap bars

Clean the World’s Impact

Over 8,500 Tons

of diverted soap, shampoo and other amenities collected and distributed.

Over 1 Million

Hygiene Kits distributed to more than 100 partner organizations across North America.

Over 30 Million

Bars of soap distributed within North America and 100 countries.

Give Hope With Soap!

Get Involved and Help those in Need of Hygiene in Your Community

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