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The Need

Diarrheal diseases kill approximately 1.8 million people per year. Globally, approximately 2.5 billion cases of diarrhea occur among children under 5 years old every year. About 80 percent of those cases are in Africa and South Asia. The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank promote hand washing with soap as the most efficient and cost effective intervention to reduce this tragic statistic.

Besides combatting diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea, improved hygiene with soap also addresses a wide range of lesser known, but nevertheless debilitating, tropical diseases. These illnesses often are neglected by an overwhelmed medical system in developing countries

Our Work

Improving health and saving lives requires not only access to soap but also a holistic approach that focuses on ongoing education and integrates proper hygiene into a comprehensive program that also addresses water and sanitation as well. We work to generate a locally sustainable impact in each community we serve, which requires a localized approach and long-term investment strategies to avoid the type of unintended consequences that often come with humanitarian aid. Around the world we currently focus on six strategic program areas:

Emergency Relief & Humanitarian Aid

Disasters and other crises are often hotbeds for hygiene illnesses – and often have populations that cannot access the hygiene supplies they need to stay healthy. We work to improve the conditions by rapidly deploying soap and hygiene supplies to the affected populations, helping to stem the spread of diseases as quickly as possible. We also make a commitment to provide support until local sources of the product are once again available.

Outcome-Based Hygiene Education Programs

To achieve our goal of improving global health, we take the lead on identifying vulnerable/at-risk communities and then work with community leaders to design outcome-based soap access and hygiene education programs that lead to long-term behavior change and locally-sustainable results. We operate these ongoing education programs in schools, maternal health centers, and community clinics.


To sustain our impact and avoid systems of dependence on foreign aid, we provide startup capital through microloans to help new, local soap makers launch an economically viable career providing soap in their local community.

Local Hygiene Promotion Programs

We don’t just work in international communities – we also serve vulnerable populations in the communities where we work as well. We operate local hygiene education programs in schools, provide hygiene supplies to local homeless shelters and food pantries, and respond to local emergency situations as well. In addition, we pioneered a Mobile Hygiene Unit concept, which provides a mobile shower truck serving vulnerable populations and disaster victims with access to showers, hygiene supplies, and case management referrals.

Community Engagement

We partner with individual volunteers, corporate groups, and schools, who serve in dynamic teams at our distribution centers and other social responsibility events to help us address urgent hygiene needs. Since 2009, we’ve worked with over 65,000 individual volunteers in the United States alone.

Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with other outcome-focused service providers to support their hygiene programs and provide them with the hygiene supplies and educational materials they need to serve their target populations. All partners are thoroughly vetted and must complete impact assessments every 90 days for the duration of the partnership.

Children in Kenya with soap bars distributed by Clean the World Foundation


There is no shortage of worthwhile and innovative charitable organizations to which you can contribute time and money. Here are some of the compelling reasons why Clean the World Foundation is an excellent beneficiary of your gift:

  • More than 1.8 million children die from hygiene and sanitation related illnesses each year, and handwashing with soap is the most effective way to prevent those deaths;
  • A gift of $25 can provide a year’s supply of soap and hygiene education to three people, $50 can help 5 people, and $100 can assist 10 people for a year.
  • Nearly 90 cents of every dollar donated goes toward program costs.

Our Impact

Image of children in Dominican Republic with Soap Bars distributed by Clean the World Foundation

Global Reach:

Since 2009, we’ve provided over 41 million bars of soap to millions of families across over 118 countries through our hygiene programs and partnerships.

Programs Making a Difference:

We focus on achieving measurable, sustainable results. For example, our Soap in Schools Program in Kenya, launched in early 2016, has achieved a 60% reduction in hygiene-related illnesses for over 4,000 elementary school children, while increasing school attendance over 45%. We’re investing in the long-term success of the effort through local leadership councils and microloans to ensure the results are sustained long-term.

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