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Job Description:
The Technical Specialist role at Clean the World is to support the Product Managers in technology-based product development. The Technical Specialist will report to the Vice President of Product and will direct and maintain a systems approach to product design.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides overall guidance and coordination of software product deployments and enhancements including internal and external roll-outs
  2. Monitors and tracks all tasks involved in the deployment of Clean the World’s technology-based products
  3. Supports Product Managers in decision making, and ensures that the quality and strengths of the technology-based products are not compromised
  4. Supervises the production, distribution, and deployment of the technology or technical feature sets and analyzes and authors all aspects of launch plans including creating tactical reports, product roadmaps, project task lists, training materials, and standard operating procedures
  5. Owner of all technical documentation including minimal viable product (MVP) requirement doc and directs internal production of collateral, sprint planning documents, Gantt charts, vendor agreements, cost analysis, and product roadmap
  6. Manages external technical relationships and keeps track of their task completion for all software and app development across the entire product suite
  7. Additional duties as assigned by the Vice President of Product to assist in the overall success of technology development

Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent. Previous experience in computer science, business management, software development, or technology-based product development preferred.
  2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  3. Computer literacy in Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  4. Understanding of Agile Product Development
  5. Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task
  6. Motivated self-starter with the ability to problem solve
  7. Ability to work under pressure with multiple tasks and deadlines

Environmental and Physical Conditions:

  1. Lifting- Light (under 25lbs.)
  2. Sitting>4 hours
  3. Analyzing information or data
  4. Exposure to fragrances

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