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Meet Taylor Pate

Operations Manager - Mobile Showers Orlando. Former intern at Clean the World

I started off as a marketing intern at Clean the World and during my internship I worked with an awesome team, alongside like-minded individuals who shared a passion for the world and making it better. During my internship, Clean the World encouraged us to learn about all their initiatives, including their homeless outreach program. I was blown away by how meaningful it was to work for a company that does such important things. About 6 months after my internship ended, I was brought on as assistant manager of The WASH Foundations' Fresh Start WASH & Wellness program. A program that provides essential services to people experiencing homelessness here in Orlando, FL. Within months I was able to take the program over myself and I proudly managed it for a year until I was presented with another opportunity at Clean the World Global. Our impact events company CTW Events began taking off, and as they looked to expand the team, I was offered an interview, and then a new position as a Sales & Marketing Manager. In my time at Clean the World Global, I have amassed so many experiences, from making a tangible difference on the front lines, to the behind the scenes of inspiring events that allow anyone, even you, to make that same difference. An internship at Clean the World Global is a door to a vast expanse of opportunity and experience.

Serendipity brought me to Clean the World. I reached out to someone at Clean the World to speak with the intent to have them speak at my university. To my surprise, Clean the World was looking for Marketing Interns, and I was invited to apply. For the internship to work, I needed it to be flexible with my school schedule, so I was happy to find out that Clean the World was able to accommodate. I was quickly brought into important assignments, collaborating on projects with executives, VPs, Directors, and managers. This is still my favorite thing about working at Clean the World, having access to such brilliant and talented people. The team always valued my opinion, made me feel listened to, and empowered me to bring my skillsets to the table. I also loved the feeling of achievement, knowing I had direct involvement in the success of the program, campaign, or product. Eventually, Clean the World made me a full-time offer to join the team. Since then, I’ve supported both sides of the Clean the World mission: Clean the World Foundation and Clean the World Global. Clean the World continues to support my growth as a professional I’m sincerely grateful for them investing in my strengths and valuing me as a person.

Meet Christian Pena

Christian Pena

Product Marketing Manager. Former intern at Clean the World

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