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You will receive an email with return labels to ship to one of Amazon’s Disaster Relief partners.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Visit our CTW Events x Amazon Resource Hub for additional information. (hyperlink the resource hub button over this text)
  • Book your room, make sure you have sufficient secured space to host your event. Since your boxes are arriving a few days before your event date, make sure you have a place to store them. Store them at your desk, or book a small conference room, or ask GREF to help identify temporary holding space.
  • Plan time before and after your event to set up and break down, depending on size, we would recommend at least an hour each and some volunteers to help.
  • Work with your building’s mailroom for shipping procedures. They may also have carts you can leverage for moving your boxes to and from your event space.
  • Give your mailroom a heads up that you’re expecting packages, make sure you’re onsite the day the packages are slated to arrive so you can receive them as some BSCs are small and can’t hold packages for long, you are responsible for moving packages yourself (grab a colleague or two to help/borrow carts from BSC and reception)
  • Download set up diagrams below to help with how best to set up your assembly lines.
  • Review the Resource Hub for materials available to display during your event or videos that you can play before your event starts. Including but not limited to written packing instructions, videos on how to assemble your kits, and music to play during your activity.
  • After your event leverage directions for shipping labels or distribution instructions for getting your kits to those in need.
    If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Amazon@ctwevents.org

If you have any questions regarding your event​, please email us at amazon@ctwevents.org

What to Expect

1. Your items will be sent in CTW Events packaging with smaller items inside the supply box.

2. When you receive your order, inside the master box will be six smaller display boxes containing the hygiene kit materials.

3. View your kit type’s setup diagram for how to arrange items on the tables. Find your diagrams below.

4. One of each item will be placed in the bag until all kit items are packaged.

5. Place the assembled kits back into the large cardboard “Supply Box” that the materials came in. ​

6. Attach the emailed UPS return labels to your boxes to be sent to one of Amazon’s predetermined Disaster Relief Partners.

Soap Saves Lives Experience – Hygiene Kits

Sustainable Hygiene Kit

Women’s Hygiene Kit

Children’s Hygiene Kit

Empowering Education Experience - Backpack Kits

Elementary School

Middle School

Purposeful Pantry Experience - Meal Kits

Pantry Boxes

Each box contains enough food to feed a family of four for one week, about 84 meals in total.

Hello Operations Teams!

Your Current Campaign

  • Q1: 400 Hygiene Kits
  • Q2: 400 Hygiene Kits
  • Q3: Empowering Education Kits
  • Q4: Pantry Boxes

Logging Your Event

Visit the Ops Community Engagement Wiki to revisit the process for adding volunteer events to GIVEhub, or to check out additional resources. 

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Tracking Your Event

Donate your completed kits by the campaign deadline and track your kitting event in the Ops CE central tracker.

Set up for Success!​

All Set For Your Event?

We have an extensive resource hub that houses any videos, flyers, and other collateral that you may need for your event.

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Hygiene Kit Build FAQ's

A hygiene kit build in-person event is an organized gathering of individuals who come together to assemble and donate essential hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, and shampoo, to those in need. This event is typically held to help support a local charity or a national organization.

Yes. However, it is up to the event organizer to determine if bringing children and families is appropriate. All standard visitor policies apply if the event is open to guests.

Besides a positive attitude and excitement for making this impact, we recommend the following:

  • Box cutter – to open the main master boxes. These will be re-used, so ripping off the tape is not recommended.
  • Tape/ tape gun – to tape up completed boxes to be donated.
  • Pens/sharpies for notecards – we recommend sharpies or BIC pens as the notecards are glossy and may smear.
  • Cart to maneuver boxes around – to and from your event setup location.
  • Receptacle for display boxes to be recycled after the event – depending on the number of kits you are assembling, you may need to allocate a large bin, all our display box cardboard is 100% recycled, and 100% recyclable!

No. Please account for printing costs if you decide to put stickers on the note cards that are sent with the completed kits.

*Blank notecards will be included with your kits.

Planning an event requires careful preparation and organization. Start by finalizing a timeline for the event, including adding your event to GIVEhub, reserving a space with GREF, and opening registrations. Make sure to plan for the necessary staffing and other resources, as there will be a set up requirement. 

Yes. If you have a large event, we recommend planning for shifts of 45 minutes with 15 minutes in between to allow for resetting the room. When you setup your event in GIVEhub, you can create shift options.

Super easy! Just pop out the cardboard where scored, and tuck in the flap behind any of the products inside.

Clean the World makes sure they not only they include the best, most sustainable products but also choose nonprofit recipients upon need and their sustainability and recycling practices.

You spoke, we listened. We at Clean the World worked hard to gather ethically sourced and sustainable options for our hygiene kits. We are proud to build these kits with you.

Bio-degradable bags

 Semi-opaque compostable film made from a unique blend of cornstarch and PBAT (a bio-based polymer.)

Recycled Soap Bar

Clean the World partners with hotel properties across the world to recycle their discarded soap and bottled. All soap is recycled into new bars, and all bottles are now either recycled or converted to energy.


Shampoo bottles made from post-consumer recycled material. (PCR)


New generation of plastic, which is biodegradable, derived from renewable raw materials like cornstarch.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Made from 100% compostable, natural sustainable bamboo handle in Kraft compostable packaging.

Dental Tablets

The dental tablet packaging consists of 45% paper and 55% inner bio-film, and are biodegradable and industrially compostable

Jute Loofah

Loofah sponge pad is biodegradable, made up from 100% natural plant-based fiber.


These socks are part of a buy one give on program, to help support local communities with the number 1 requested clothing item in shelters.

  • A packing station refers to the dedicated assembly surface.
  • Surfaces can include: conference tables, office tables, rectangular tables, circle tables, etc.
  • To optimize efficiency and space – there should be two master boxes worth of materials on each station.
  • A station can be one-sided, or two-sided.

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