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Clean the World’s purpose to make the world a better place is brought to life in part via its Global Recycling Program, which consists of recycling gently-used bars of soap and plastic amenity bottles previously discarded by the hospitality industry.  Since it was established in 2009, Clean the World has recycled over 77 million bars of soap, which were exclusively donated to global NGOs, such as Clean the World Foundation, to support worldwide communities vulnerable to hygiene-related illnesses. The organization has also recycled 7.1 million lbs. of plastic amenity bottles, diverted over 24 million lbs. of waste from landfills and helped Clean the World Foundation provide an estimated 17 billion individual handwashes to those in need across the globe.

Clean the World’s soap recycling and manufacturing multi-step process includes rigorous testing by the Biological Consulting Services Laboratory, a fully accredited third-party laboratory, which tests the newly-made bars of soap for any and all contaminants. First, the used bars of soap are ground into pellets and finely refined to eliminate any foreign particles. Then, they are sterilized, refined again, and manufactured into brand-new bars of soap. As for the collected plastic amenity bottles, they are processed into flakes that are used to manufacture new products, hence providing a sustainable circular solution to these single-use plastic products.

Clean the World’s efforts to make the world a better place have been highlighted in the Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe show, and recognized in The Kelly Clarkson Show twice in 2023, as part of their “Good Neighbor of the Year” series.


The Soap Recycling Process

Soap Collection

Participating hotel partners collect used soap using Clean the World collection bins. Hotels then ship the full bins to the nearest Recycling Operations Center (ROC), where we weigh the bins for impact upon arrival.

Soap Sorting

After the soap is weighed, Clean the World volunteers sort the soap to get ready for the next phase of recycling.

Soap Refining

The bars of soap are then ground into pellets and finely refined to separate any foreign particles from the soap, leaving a clean soap grind. 

Soap Sterilization

At this step, a sterilization solution is added to sanitize the soap further.

Soap Bar Making

The soap then goes through another refining process before it is pressed, stamped with our logo, and cut into brand-new bars of soap.

Soap Testing

A soap sample is sent off to the Biological Consulting Services Laboratory, a fully accredited third-party laboratory, which tests the newly-made bars of soap for any and all contaminants.

Soap Packaging

Clean the World volunteers pack the newly-made soap bars into boxes, with each box containing 100 three oz bars of soap.

Soap Distribution

The soap boxes are shipped to charities worldwide for distribution to vulnerable populations. Since 2009, Clean the World has made a significant impact by providing over 17 billion individual handwashes to those in need across the globe.

Bottle amenities Recycling

The Plastic Recycling Process

Plastic Collection

Clean the World collects plastic amenity bottles from hotels, including shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, and weighs products for impact reporting.

Plastic Sorting

Volunteers sort the plastic bottles, separating lotion and conditioner bottles from shampoo bottles. The plastic bottles are then further sorted based on the type of plastic.

Flake Creation

Once at the recycling facility, the plastic bottles are processed (shredded) into tiny bits of plastic (flake), and liquid soap is separated to be repurposed into cleaning products.

Repurposed Plastic Products

The plastic flakes are then repurposed into new products, including disaster relief buckets!


Media Coverage

The Kelly Clarkson Show

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Clean the World utilizes UPS Carbon Neutral shipping for all small package shipping, which helps offset carbon emissions from our packages.

No, our soaps are not available for retail sale. 100% of the soaps we create through our recycling program are distributed to charitable organizations and NGOs worldwide.

Recycling soap and plastic amenities help reduce waste sent to landfills, conserve resources, and minimize the environmental impact associated with the production of new soap and plastic products. Recycling also allows these items to be repurposed and distributed to communities in need.

Yes, Clean the World Foundation welcomes monetary donations to support its recycling programs and initiatives. You can visit our website https://cleantheworldfoundation.org/donations/washforall/ to learn more about donation options.


Apart from donations, you can volunteer at Clean the World’s headquarters in Orlando to help with soap recycling. For more information on volunteer options, visit us at our website https://cleantheworldfoundation.org/volunteer/

Have additional questions? Email us at partners@cleantheworld.org

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