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First delivery to Haiti is just a few days away

For the past few months we’ve been working with hotels to bring them into our partner network. We have dutifully collected soap and shampoo on a weekly basis. And we perfected our sterilization and packaging techniques.

We’re proud of our very meaningful soap and shampoo deliveries to homeless shelters and other domestic destinations — but it’s time for the game to change. We’ve had our sights set on Haiti, Sri Lanka and Uganda for some time, and in a few days we will be able to cross Haiti off the to-do list.

This Thursday, two of our team members will fly to Haiti on a cargo plane that makes weekly supply runs to Cap Haitien, on the northern coast of the country. They will bring approximately 500 pounds of soap, and spend a day on the advance work necessary to ensure smooth sailing when we return five days later with our first of many big shipments to Haiti.

Then on Tuesday, July 7, we will return with several thousand pounds of soap. On that trip we will be accompanied by a reporter and videographer from Fox 35 News in Orlando. They are working on a piece about Clean the World that they hope will make it all the way to the Fox News cable channel after it airs locally.

On Wednesday, July 8, the soap will be distributed at a weekly church service that typically draws up to 30,000 people.

Nope — that wasn’t a typo. I didn’t mean 300 or 3,000. I meant 30,000 people!

How cool is that?

Next week I’ll have the full report and pictures of our first soap distribution to the people of Haiti.

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Central Care Mission getting the job done

Our list of contributing hotel and resort partners continues to grow every day. Once we collect soap from the hotels, the next step is to turn around the product and get it into (and onto) the hands of the people who need it. So after defining the protocol of our sterilization, recycling and packaging process, we needed to put in place a scalable operations team that could handle the influx of raw material from our hotel partners. But in addition to the required operational expertise, we wanted to find a partner who gives back and tries to effect positive change in the community. That’s exactly what we found with Central Care Mission in Orlando, and we are fortunate to have them as our operational partner. You’ll learn more about this great organization in upcoming blogs and newsletters.

The Central Care team uses a variety of tools and machines to recycle and package our soap, many of which had to be adapted to suit our particular needs. That’s why we feel fortunate to have a relationship with the wonderful Susan Ryhanen, owner of Creekside Soaps (http://creeksidesoaps.com). Susan donated four custom-made molds, which are an invaluable part of our production process.

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CTW recognizes partners

We are grateful for the many Central Florida Marriott hotels that have become valuable Clean The World partners, and we’re excited about the growth opportunities as we team up with other Marriott properties locally and across the United States. In recent weeks, we have engaged with Residence Inn Orlando Sea World, Residence Inn Orlando International Drive, JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, Renaissance Orlando Hotel at Sea World, Marriott Village and several smaller Marriott properties around Central Florida.

If you’ve ever stayed in Daytona Beach, you have probably visited one of the 20-plus hotels that comprise the Ocean Waters Hotel Group। The locally owned lodging group is an enthusiastic supporter of CTW, and all their Daytona Beach-area hotels are now donating their barely used soap and shampoo to the cause.

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