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Chaos, Cholera, Soap and Hope

One year removed from the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti  that killed an estimated 300,000 people and injured 50,000 more. And the horror continues. Cholera and chaos are still the order of the day. But the Haitians have hope as long as they have soap and supporters like you.
Through the continued support and generosity of our hotel partners, friends and fans Clean the World has distributed more than 1.5 million bars of soap in Haiti since the Jan. 2010 earthquake. We’ve also received countless online donations to help purchase hygiene supplies and deliver them wherever there is the greatest need.
In town and villages throughout Haiti, Clean the World is delivering hope with soap. Major soap distributions have been made in Cap Haitien, Port Au Prince, Gonaives, and Leogane. Other areas receiving soap include a mix of small towns, coastal and mountain villages, including: Kenscoff, Port De Paix, Milot, and Limonade; Carrefour, La Croix, and Arcahaie; Miragoane, Petionville, Cite Soleil, and Delmas.
Clean the World has distributed 45,000 soap bars in partnership with Yele Haiti;  10,000 soap bars with International Children’s Rescue; and another 35,000 bars of soap with the Cap Haitien Health Network. But that’s not all: 5,000 bars were distributed at  Eben-Ezer; 15,000 soap bars were delivered to St. Nicholas Hospital in St. Marc; 20,000 soap bars were received by the Evangelical Church of Haiti; and 5,000 soap bars were left with Partners in Health, and distributed to schools, orphanages, and health clinics throughout Haiti.
Update: Just this week, Clean the World shipped 45,000 bars of soap for distribution in the northern regions of Haiti most affected by the cholera outbreak in October. In coming weeks, 10,000 bars will be distributed to World Wide Village and 75,000 soap bars will be given to International Action.
Things will not be “normal” for a long time in Haiti. But with your continued support, the Haitian people can lift themselves out of an unspeakably difficult situation and regain dignity, better health and, soon, better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Angels of mercy gather in Milot

Where there is tragedy, there is opportunity for mercy. And for the many thousands of people in Haiti who suffered horrific injuries and losses in the 2010 earthquake, a flock of angels appeared in the form of first responders ready to lend medical assistance, helping hands, prayer and encouragement.

These people, especially the medical teams serving Hospital of the Sacred Heart (Hopital Sacre Coeur) in Milot (northern Haiti) are the subject of a poignant and gripping TV documentary – the “Angels of Milot.” The documentary will be broadcast this week on PBS stations nationwide [check your local listings].

Executive producer Ellen Lovejoy shares this story in a way that captures the emotion and excitement of those frenzied days one year ago when all of Haiti seemed to be buried in rubble. Courageous medical and health-assistance teams, including Clean the World, traveled to Haiti to meet the needs of people whose lives were changed forever.

While the documentary is not easy to watch – some of it is quite graphic – you deserve to make it your mission to remember those who have risked their lives in order to save the lives of others.


Clean the World – Then and Now

You know, it wasn’t too long ago that people wondered if recycling soap was really worth the effort. We’ll let you be the judge:

  • In less than two years, Clean the World has collected, recycled and distributed more than 7 million soap bars in the United States, Haiti and more than 40 other countries. [Find list of countries served by Clean the World on our website: http://localhost:8888/cleantheworld/saving-lives.asp]
  • Since the Jan. 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Clean the World has distributed 1.5 million bars of soap to that island, including 300,000 since the cholera outbreak in late October.
  • Clean the World services more than 700 hotel properties in 48 states and 9 provinces in Canada.
Flashback: Clean the World offers “Hope by the Handful” to Haiti (CBS Evening News, Jan. 2010)

Fast-forward: Shawn Seipler becomes ‘The Pied Piper of Soap’ (CBS Evening News, Oct. 2010)

Can something we throw away save a life?

Can something we throw away save a child’s life?

Of course it can. And that’s the mission of Clean the World: Recycling soap, saving lives.
The Greenstreet Report, an environmentally focused investment publication, featured Clean the World in a Fall 2010 cover story that focuses on our attempts to stop the spread of disease in Haiti. [Add link here]

While Haiti is not our only focus, this article helps crystallize Clean the World’s mission in that troubled nation in a way that will inspire investors to support our “hygiene revolution.”

Shawn Seipler, executive director, Clean the World: “The [Clean the World] brand has incredible momentum. It stands for cleanliness, sustainability, life and hope. So much can be done to leverage those attributes to benefit partners from hoteliers to corporations and beyond. And as our partners benefit, so do the children we are working hard every day to save.”

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