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Celebrating Starwood Success Stories

Sheraton San Diego, a Starwood Hotel

It’s been just two months since Starwood Hotels and Resorts chose to partner with Clean the World on the corporate level, and already some properties are experiencing terrific results.

More than 55 Starwood properties have joined Clean the World since that Earth Day announcement. The newcomers bring to 86 the total number of Starwood properties within the fold at Clean the World.

Still, with the potential of adding up to 500 branded properties to the Clean the World family, opportunities to welcome more Starwood properties improve with each new success story that is shared. So let’s keep sharing them…

Several Starwood properties stand out among the many in terms of soap and bottled amenities contributions to Clean the World. The top five performers for May 2011 are: Westin Diplomat (Hollywood, Fla.); Sheraton San Diego (California); Sheraton Sand Key (Clearwater, Fla.); Sheraton Indianapolis (Indiana); and Westin Denver Downtown (Colorado).

Several Starwood properties have stood out among the many in terms of soap and bottled amenities contributions to Clean the World. The top five performers for May 2011 are: Westin Diplomat (Hollywood, Fla.); Sheraton San Diego (California); Sheraton Sand Key (Clearwater, Fla.); Sheraton Indianapolis (Indiana); and Westin Denver Downtown (Colorado).

Westin Diplomat (Hollywood, Fla.):
Soaps collected: 8,055 lbs.
Bottled amenities collected: 6,110 lbs.

Sheraton San Diego (California):
Soaps collected: 6,979 lbs.
Bottled amenities collected: 7,270 lbs.

Sheraton Sand Key (Clearwater, Fla.):
Soaps collected: 3,337 lbs.
Bottled amenities collected: 3,295 lbs.

Sheraton Indianapolis (Indiana):
Soaps collected: 3,050 lbs.
Bottled amenities collected: 2,409 lbs.

Westin Denver Downtown (Colorado):
Soaps collected: 2,420 lbs.
Bottled amenities collected: 2,714 lbs.

Sonia, housekeeper at The Westin Copley Place in Boston

Not only are the properties performing well with collections of soaps and bottled amenities, but these hotels have also displayed much excitement for participating in the Clean the World program.

“It’s a wonderful program,” says Sylvia Butler, director of housekeeping at Sheraton San Diego. “We want to be ‘green’ in everything we do, but this just takes it up a notch.”

Butler says her housekeeping staff has shown a renewed sense of purpose since participation began with Clean the World.

“They take a lot of pride in the program,” she says. “When we made the announcement, the housekeepers asked, ‘Where does the soap go?’ and ‘Where is it delivered?’ They are really curious about the program and who will benefit most from their efforts.”

Butler is especially appreciative of what Clean the World is doing to reduce the amount of hotel waste, which she views as essential to promoting a cleaner world for the next generation.

“By recycling these soaps and bottles each day, we’re affecting generations to come,” Butler says. ”It’s a good footprint we’re leaving behind for our kids. Anything that we can do to keep trash out of landfills, we will do. By recycling guest room amenities, we’re getting hygiene items out of the hotel bathrooms and into the hands of people who can really use it.”

The Westin Copley Place in Boston, a recently implemented Starwood property, started its Clean the World participation with a bang.

Laura Schell, housekeeping manager at The Westin Copley Place, reports that room attendants collected 29 lbs. of soap and 25 lbs. of soap on the first day of implementation alone.

“If this rate continues” she says, “by the end of the year we will have recycled 5,220 lbs. of bottled amenities and 4,500 pounds of soap!”

The Westin Copley Place is the first Starwood Hotel in the United States and the first hotel in Boston to join Green Hotels Global, an environmental program that requires hotels to disclose their carbon footprint, energy consumption, water usage and waste generation associated with room-night usage and event bookings.

Thanks for joining the global hygiene revolution, Starwood Hotels and Resorts. We look forward to adding new Starwood brands going forward. Thanks for helping Clean the World!


JDV Hotels and Clean the World: ‘A No-brainer’

Joie de Vivre Hotels, with more than 30 hotel properties based in California, is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Fortunately for Clean the World, JDV Hotels found a hospitality partner who shares the same passion.

Marco Perry, general manager of the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach, says when he first heard about Clean the World, he knew it was a perfect fit for his parent company. And the idea was an easy “sell” to the executives at Joie de Vivre Hotels in San Francisco.

“As part of Joie de Vivre Hotels, the Shorebreak Hotel is very committed to philanthropic efforts, especially with regard to the environment,” Perry says. “Clean the World actually came to us through one of our Shorebreak Hotel employees who brought it to my attention about three months ago. I brought it to the president of our company, who thought it was a great program.”

Perry says that once the executives at JDV Hotels learned about Clean the World, “they knew it was a no-brainer. “It was just a perfect fit for Joie de Vivre with how they operate and how they give back to the community,” he says. “It’s just an example of how this partnership fits so well with our company.”

Shorebreak Hotel is located in “Surf City U.S.A.” in an area also known for its profound eco-awareness. A corporate-wide partnership with Clean the World, Perry says, feels like just another great day at the beach.

“As a member of the board of directors on the Huntington Beach Marketing Visitors Bureau, we’ve taken sustainability efforts for the city very seriously,” Perry says. “All of the hotels are very focused on it. Partnering with Clean the World is just another step in the right direction, to the point where we can advertise to potential clients who come to Huntington Beach that we are a sustainable community.”

Perry says the housekeeping teams are Joie de Vivre Hotels are particularly excited about participating in the Clean the World hospitality program, saying it gives more meaning to what they do in terms of what they are collecting from the guest rooms.

“I met with the housekeeping team about two weeks after we launched the Clean the World program to get people’s reactions,” Perry says. “ It was very positive, especially when they learned exactly what the Clean the World program meant. They initially thought it was just a recycling program. But once they heard the details about who benefits from their soap collection efforts – often people from their home countries and communities – you can see that it definitely meant something to them.”


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