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Small Things Make a Big Difference – Wynn/Encore Q&A

Wynn/Encore is a proud hospitality partner of Clean the World. Since joining the Clean the World program in early 2011, the two Las Vegas resort hotels have combined to provide nearly 20,000 lbs. of hotel soaps and more than 12,703 lbs. of bottled amenities to help children and families in need around the world.

Brian Gullbrants, senior vice president and general manager of Wynn and Encore, shared his opinions of the productive amenities recycling partnership with Clean the World and what it means to his staff at both properties.

Q&A with Brian Gullbrants – Senior Vice President and General Manager of Wynn and Encore

How does Wynn/Encore view the hospitality partnership with Clean the World? All of our ladies and gentlemen at Wynn and Encore are delighted to have the opportunity to give back to such a truly great cause.

Is Clean the World something that is promoted among the staff and guests? We have highly promoted our partnership with our staff. We have posted information within the employee back-of-house areas and newsletter announcing our exciting partnership with Clean the World and therefore, our staff members understand the various steps we are taking to make a difference in saving lives and the planet, domestically and internationally.

How important is soap and bottled amenities recycling to your organization? We always want to do the “right” thing, and Clean the World provides us with an easy platform to give back in such a fundamental and seamless way.

What are the primary goals for Wynn / Encore with this Clean the World partnership? Our primary goals are to help as many children and families in need that we can, while reducing our waste at the same time. Our support of this program will not only keep underprivileged children around the world clean, but it will also save their lives. This is the best possible reason we could imagine and are happy to engage in this impactful program.

Wynn/Encore has been off to a terrific start in the first few months since implementing the Clean the World program. To what do you attribute this immediate success, and can you keep the momentum going? At Wynn/Encore our success is completely due to the HUGE hearts of our employees. And they will definitely keep this going. I actually don’t think we could stop them even if we tried – they love what we are doing as a team. Our properties have always made an effort to recycle, but we don’t really get to see the final results of those efforts. With this Clean the World initiative, the payoff is very tangible and dramatic. Thousands of lives can be saved each month with this one small, simple step. Ultimately, this overall concept raises awareness about the fact that small things can truly make a very big difference.

With the opening of the Las Vegas recycling operations center, Wynn/Encore will be able to more effectively take part in the full experience of Clean the World. How will the opening of this facility boost your sustainability and social responsibility initiatives at Wynn/Encore? We are very excited that the Las Vegas facility will soon be operational, which will allow Clean the World to continue to expand within a market that fully engages its mission. We truly support the organization and are pleased to see continued growth and resources come out of Las Vegas.


Clean the World Foundation Adds Three to Board of Directors

SUMMARY: Mark Rucker of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Bob Scaglione of Sharp Electronics Corp., and Central Florida cosmetic dentist Dr. Paul J. Skomsky elected to add expertise and leadership to the Orlando-based social enterprise that is recycling soap and saving lives

Clean the World Foundation, the largest global distributor of recycled hotel soaps and bottled amenities, has elected two executives and a medical professional to its Board of Directors.

Mark Rucker, Vice President of Lodging for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and Bob Scaglione, Chief Marketing Officer at Sharp Electronics Corporation in Mahwah, N.J., were chosen to join the Clean the World Foundation Board of Directors at a June 13 meeting. Dr. Paul J. Skomsky, an Orlando cosmetic dentist, was chosen at a meeting July 7. The appointments are effective immediately.

Rucker, Scaglione and Dr. Skomsky join the organization’s two co-founders – Executive Director Shawn Seipler and Managing Director Paul Till – on the Clean the World Foundation Board of Directors.

Orlando, Fla.-based Clean the World Foundation has a mission to provide soap where needed to help improve hygiene and sanitation conditions, to lessen the impact of disease, and to promote better hygiene and living conditions worldwide. Beneficiaries of Clean the World’s global hygiene revolution include children and families suffering from high death rates due to the top two killers of children worldwide – acute respiratory infection (pneumonia) and diarrheal diseases (cholera).

Mark Rucker, Vice President of Lodging for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Rucker has filled over 13 positions in more than 25 years of leadership with The Walt Disney Company – from his start in 1985 as a Walt Disney World Resorts industrial engineer in both parks and resorts, through stints as general manager of water parks, EPCOT park operations, director of rooms and into his present role as vice president of lodging for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. Rucker has kept a sharp eye on developing trends, guest service and hospitality. His involvement with Clean the World is a natural extension of his daily work with Disney, but it’s also something close to his heart.

With his support, Walt Disney World Resort hotels were added as pioneer partners in the Clean the World hospitality partnership program in 2009. Since that time the resort hotels have contributed an estimated 32.5 tons of soaps and bottled amenities from 19 resort properties in Central Florida and Anaheim. Clean the World has recently added Disneyland Resorts in California to its partner portfolio, again with the encouragement of Rucker and the motivated team of Disney hospitality leaders and professionals.

“I believe in the mission of the Clean the World Foundation and realize the impact we are already having on the lives of children who are in desperate need of hygiene products,” Rucker says. “The Walt Disney World Resort hotels alone provide tremendous amounts of soaps and bottled amenities that are being recycled into lifesaving items for children and families in the United States and all around the world.”

Bob Scaglione, Chief Marketing Officer, Sharp Electronics Corporation
Scaglione has been with Sharp Electronics Corporation for 22 years and is responsible for brand communications and new business development. A leader in the consumer electronics marketing industry, Scaglione served as senior vice president and group manager for Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. He’s led the marketing and product development of Sharp’s lineup of consumer audio and video products, as well as spearheading sales and marketing for the company’s digital products division. As a longtime supporter and friend of Clean the World, Scaglione’s personal and professional commitment to sustainability is echoed by the efforts of the organization in areas beyond the hospitality industry.

“Clean the World has enjoyed phenomenal growth and success in the global hospitality industry, but other industries, such as consumer electronics, can play a part as well,” Scaglione says. “Sustainability and social responsibility are defining issues for many corporations in a variety of industries, and Clean the World provides a successful, practical platform for corporations to learn and share best practices. When you consider how many lives may be saved simply by putting soap in the hands of people who need them most, it’s easy to see how people from all walks of life and business can come together to help Clean the World.”

Dr. Paul J. Skomsky, Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Skomsky has been a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry since 1990 and has been a contributing dental provider to charitable and philanthropic foundations, such as Give Kids A Smile and Give Back A Smile for victims of domestic abuse. A frequent media guest for his dental expertise, Dr. Skomsky is also an accomplished artist who has illustrated dental texts and whose original work, prints, and lithographs have been acclaimed and sold worldwide.

“Clean the World’s global commitment to saving the lives of children is so genuine, so simple, I couldn’t possibly say no to this opportunity,” Dr. Skomsky says. “The organization is helping to meet the basic hygiene needs of people in countries all around the globe, and as a member of the board of directors, I’ll make sure we keep to that mission and never waver in our support to children everywhere.”

Clean the World offers sustainable, socially responsible, and charitable programs and services to the international hospitality community. Since its founding in 2009, Clean the World has partnered with more than 1,100 hotel properties in North America to provide soaps and bottled amenities to people in need. Through the efforts of the Clean the World Foundation, the organization has distributed more than 8.5 million bars of soap to children and families in the United States and more than 40 countries worldwide. Clean the World has also fulfilled a valuable environmental mission by diverting an estimated 1.2 million lbs. (600 tons) of hotel waste from polluting landfills worldwide.

“We’re incredibly pleased and excited to add these special and talented men to the Clean the World Foundation Board of Directors,” Seipler says. “Each has his own immense talent that will serve us well as we grow wisely and effectively to save lives with soap.”

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