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That’s a Lot of Showgirls

With the opening of the Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center, Clean the World can serve all hospitality partners in the Western and Pacific regions – an area spanning 13 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, all lodging properties in the city of Laguna Beach, Calif. and all of the Disneyland Hotels and Resorts in Anaheim, Calif.

In fact, Disneyland Resorts have collected and shipped 8,735 lbs. – more than 4.3 tons — of amenities directly to this facility.

Soaps and bottled amenities come to the Las Vegas facility from as far away as the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel and Conference Center in Fairbanks, Alaska (3,300 miles away) and the Sheraton Kauai Resort in Koloa, Hawaii (3,200 miles away).

Our hospitality partners in the Western and Pacific region have already contributed 325,000 lbs. of soap and 255,000 lbs. of bottled amenities to help Clean the World.

That’s 1.74 million bars of soap and 2.72 million little bottles of shampoo and lotion that are now improving hygiene conditions for children and families worldwide.

And if you need a little perspective on just how much soap has been collected, consider this…
Those soap weights are equivalent to:

– 27 African elephants
– 40 Killer whales
– 116 Volkswagen Beetles
– 2,917 Las Vegas showgirls!

And it’s all being collected and shipped to Las Vegas for recycling to help save lives around the globe. That’s how important this Las Vegas recycling operations center is to our Clean the World mission.

The ripple effect of this Las Vegas operation is immense. The good that comes from the amenities collected and recycled here will bring far-ranging, positive health benefits for communities in our own backyard and in regions around the globe.


Las Vegas – Top Performing Properties

Feb. 29 marked the official opening of the Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center, but Clean the World is already witnessing great enthusiasm for soap recycling among our top performing properties in the Western Region of the United States.

In fact, of Clean the World’s more than 1,300 hotel partners throughout North America, our top four performers – and 5 of the top 9 — are from Las Vegas.

Consider these remarkable collection statistics (in ascending order):

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (8,781 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 30,000 bars of soap

The Venetian and The Palazzo (25,129 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 80,500 bars of soap

Encore Las Vegas (26,674 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 86,000 bars of soap

Caesars Palace (26,890 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 87,000 bars of soap

Wynn Las Vegas (28,793 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 92,000 bars of soap

The combined totals for these five properties alone equal 116,267 lbs. of hotel waste diverted from local landfills — more than 57 tons of trash — which will now be recycled into lifesaving hygiene supplies for people around the world.

Las Vegas is achieving amazing things. With the ability to attract individuals and families to the #1 entertainment destination in the United States, we have a great opportunity to benefit from the soaps and shampoos these guests leave behind.

It’s already happening  in Las Vegas. Just think of what this facility can do once all hotel partners in the Western and Pacific regions send their soaps and bottled amenities to Clean the World.

Opening Day: Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center

Paul Till and Debi Kinney from Clean the World

Clean the World was founded three years ago with a simple mission: To recycle soap and save lives. And our mission is as simple and essential today as it was in the beginning.

More than 9,000 children die each day from hygiene-related illnesses around the world. That’s 3.5 million lives lost per year.

According to medical research studies by UNICEF and the World Health Organization, more than 60 percent of these deaths can be prevented by regular hand washing with bar soap. It’s a challenge worth accepting to save these lives while there is still time, and with the hygiene resources we have in abundance. Clean the World was founded to meet that challenge and stop this needless loss of life.

And it all starts with a simple bar of soap…

Think about the hospitality industry for a moment. 4.6 million hotel rooms in the United States and 16 million hotel rooms globally. Hotels and resorts in the United States alone throw away more than one million bars of soap each day, an estimated 4 million discarded daily across the globe. And that’s a conservative estimate. By throwing away the soap, we add to our growing problem of landfill waste – that’s another big concern.

Clean the World’s solution is simple. Rather than throw away these guest room amenities – and add to our planet’s growing sanitation problems – Clean the World recycles these soaps and places them in the hands of children to help stop the spread of fatal disease. In just three years we have helped divert more than 1.4 million pounds of hotel waste from local landfills. And we couldn’t do it without your passion and support.

More than 20 of our hospitality partners are located in Nevada, with a large concentration located within the Las Vegas city limits. As more people come to Las Vegas for work and play, let’s make it our shared mission to extend the life of the amenities they use to help save lives at home and abroad.


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