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Concord CEO’s Call to Action: Clean the World

We love sharing stories of passionate support and satisfaction from our Clean the World hospitality partners. This blog post by Mark Laport, CEO at Concord Hospitality Enterprise Company provides a great illustration.

Concord Hospitality manages 83 hotels and 11,000 guestrooms and suites throughout the United States and Canada.

Laport offers a call to action for all Concord Hospitality properties, encouraging participation in Clean the World’s hospitality partnership program by highlighting the contributions several properties have made since the start of this sustainability partnership less than one year ago.

The collection of hotel soaps and bottled amenities is having a dramatic impact on hygiene worldwide, and it’s being recognized at the corporate level among Concord Hospitality executives.

Here’s an excerpt from his blog:
“Our hotels already have donated enough remaining product to provide a month’s worth of soap to nearly 3,200 children. It takes a little organizing to get the program underway at a hotel, but it is neither costly nor time-consuming. The return on your effort really makes a difference. When you consider that every day 9,000 kids die from diseases that can be prevented by simple, good hygiene; this seems like a no-brainer. Couple that with the knowledge that all those plastic bottles aren’t going to a landfill… how could you not participate?”

Laport’s support and his ongoing encouragement are infectious. By promoting Clean the World among Concord Hospitality partners, those properties are helping reinforce their commitments to social responsibility on behalf of their loyal guests. Each property also gets an opportunity to reduce contributions to the waste stream, protecting our planet by recycling hotel waste instead of throwing it away, and giving Clean the World an opportunity to turn trash into treasure and help stop the spread of preventable diseases worldwide.

Again, as Laport writes: “Clean the World is launching a hygiene revolution and we, as an industry, can play a major role in their success. It is not brain surgery, but it does save lives. Won’t you join us?”

Thanks for helping Clean the World.


One Clean Year with Joie de Vivre Hotels

As we approach Earth Day (April 22), Joie De Vivre Hotels marks its first anniversary as a Clean the World hospitality partner.

Joie de Vivre Hotels has 28 properties participating in the Clean the World program, most of which are in California. JDV Hotels is California’s largest boutique hotel collection with 27 properties in the state, all of which participate in the Clean the World hospitality partnership program to recycle soaps and bottled amenities and save lives.

In its first year as a corporate partner JDV Hotels has collected 54,453 soap bars (10,210 lbs.) and 6,751 lbs. of bottled amenities (shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body lotions) to help Clean the World.

The 28 participating properties (27 in California, one in Arizona) have combined do diver nearly 17,000 lbs. (8.5 tons!) of hotel waste from polluting local landfills.
As the JDV Hotels website indicates, “Joie de Vivre’s brand personality has a lot in common with the California lifestyle experience: it’s fresh, inventive, casual, and grass-roots oriented.” Participation in the Clean the World program just adds to that wholesome, eco-friendly California experience.

In just three years of operation Clean the World has collected, recycled, and distributed more than 10 million soap bars from more than 1,400 hospitality partners throughout North America. The soaps have been distributed to children and families in disadvantaged communities of the United States, Canada, and more than 45 countries.


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