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All Hands on Deck

Global Handwashing Day (GHD) was more like Global Handwashing WEEK at Clean the World.

GHD was officially Monday, Oct. 15, but we held events throughout the week to recognize the importance of hand washing as a way to prevent the spread of illness. Our awesome volunteers stepped up to help both at our Orlando headquarters and our Las Vegas Regional Operations Center.


Volunteers from Hands on Orlando, Colonial High School and First Presbyterian Church Serve Day teamed up to pack 2,700 hygiene kits.

From the University of Central Florida, members of UCF Knights Give Back and Pre-Professional Medical Society packed 4,646 hygiene kits.

Volunteers in Orlando contributed approximately 345 hours, processed 3,700 bars of soap and packed 7,346 hygiene kits. The kits were donated to homeless advocacy programs operated by the Salvation Army in Central Florida.

Las Vegas:

AmeriCorps Nevada State members partnered with United Way of Southern Nevada to create 576 hygiene kits for donation to the Teacher EXCHANGE of the Clark Country School District in Las Vegas. Teacher EXCHANGE director Tim McCubbin donated kits to the following schools in Clark County:

– Canyon Springs High School
– Chaparral High School
– Mojave High School
– Rancho High School
– Western High School
– O’Callaghan Middle School

Recap of Honduras Soap Distribution

On Monday, Oct. 8, a team from Clean the World left Orlando for a trip to Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras. On board was Jim Buckshaw from Clearly Natural, Kate Labrosse from National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) and Jessica Rosman from Caesars Entertainment. Representing Clean the World were Shawn Seipler, Robert Bahret and Rosanna Kingston.
Kate Labrosse
Following flights to Miami and San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the team connected with our in-country partners who are part of Joint Task Force-Bravo, which is based at Soto Cano Air Base about five miles south of Comayagua. Assistant Iris Medina, Lt. Colonel Jim Liddick and Major Stephen Poe accompanied our contingent on the tree-hour drive to Soto Cano.
Upon arrival at the base, the group was cleared by security and served dinner. They then teamed up with six military personnel to fill more than 900 bags with three bars of soap each. The bags were grouped by drop-off point and loaded onto vehicles for distribution the next day.
After breakfast on Tuesday, the team visited Juan Ramon Molina School and handed out soap to approximately 70 girls and boys ranging in age from 5 to12. Before distributing the soap, Rosanna spoke to the children about the importance of hand washing. Jim Buckshaw dressed up as a superhero to combat the germs (Kate and Jessica). Rosanna changed the lyrics of “La Bamba” to explain proper hand washing.

Jessica Rosman
The Honduran children loved it! After such a great reaction, this part of the presentation was included at all distribution stops on the remainder of the trip.
Throughout the afternoon, the team visited eight more schools and gave soap to approximately 600 additional students.

Wednesday started at a destination where three schools gather in together in one location. The schools are Fransico Morazán, Anan Matute Kindergarten and Herber Alvarado School. There were approximately 140 children. The team met with the school leaders and then distributed 400 bars of soap. Teachers received our new Clean the World body wash.

Next up was a temporary medical clinic in Medrete where the U.S. military worked with the Honduran government and military to assist 1,500 patients. Our group met the staff, spoke to a group of 100 mothers and young men about the importance of hand washing, and distributed 500 bags of soap and bottled amenities.

Jim Buckshaw
The Clean the World team spent the remainder of the day distributing soap to more than 250 students at three more schools.
The remaining soap will be distributed at a landfill inhabited by 450 children, and by U.S. military medical brigades.

As with any visit to an impoverished region, this was an eye-opening experience that reinforced the importance of our mission to save lives by recycling soap.

Please support Clean the World’s mission by joining our campaign to buy new machinery that will significantly increase our production capacity. More information is available on our RocketHub page.

Longboat Key Club & Resort Hits Milestone Number

The following press release was issued by Longboat Key Club & Resort on Monday, Oct. 15:
[Longboat Key, FL – October 15, 2012] Celebrating the one year anniversary of its participation in the Clean the World program, Longboat Key Club & Resort is proud to announce it has achieved a milestone number – the distribution of over 3,000 bars of soap to children and families in over 55 countries worldwide, as a result of the 1,514 pounds of hotel amenities that have been collected at the Resort since January, 2012. 
“I cannot tell you how proud I am that through our participation in the Clean the World program, we at Longboat Key Club & Resort have been able to positively impact the lives of children and families thousands of miles away. This is just one of many green initiatives that we support at the Resort and the resulting benefits of saving lives, repurposing products and reducing waste is a wonderful statement of success. By dedicating time to this effort we have been able to keep over 1,514 pounds of waste out of our landfills and in turn, help create life saving products that that have a global reach,” said Rick Benninghove, Director of Operations for Longboat Key Club & Resort. “I challenge other hospitality partners to participate in the program, not only for the life-saving impact of the organization but also for the camaraderie and positive morale it fosters among the associates. It is really uplifting when they realize that through their day-to day efforts they have been able to save lives and support families around the globe in such a significant way.”
Since it’s inception in February, 2009, Clean the World  Foundation, Inc, has distributed over 11 million bars of soap and 325 tons of repurposed shampoos and conditioners to over 55 countries worldwide including Zimbabwe, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Swaziland, Mali, Mongolia, Uganda, Honduras and Romania. Currently operating in 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces, the organization can produce over 80,000 bars of life-saving soaps each day.  Converting collected hotel amenities into usable products through a patented sanitizing process by Florida certified Tri-Tech Laboratories; the repurposed products are a life-saving measure for thousands of young children and families.
“The importance of what Longboat Key Club & Resort is doing cannot be understated”, said Clean the World CEO, Shawn Seipler. “The act of giving a child a lifesaving bar of soap, and seeing their reaction is nothing short of incredible. For these children who cannot afford it regularly, receiving free soap is like a Christmas gift. I thank our hospitality partners for making it happen every day it is precisely what we set out to do when we began the organization in 2009. It is very simple – soap saves lives.”
Seipler just returned from a soap distribution trip to Honduras, the poorest country in Latin America, where over 4,000 bars of soap were distributed to impoverished school children and orphans in partnership with the U.S. Military at the Soto Cano Air Force Base.
3.5 million children under the age of 5 will die this year due to acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. Up to 65% of these deaths can be prevented by simple hand-washing with bar soap and proper personal hygiene practices. Longboat Key Club & Resort proudly supports the Clean the World Foundation to support them in their goal of saving millions lives each year. 
For more information about becoming a hospitality partner or an individual supporter, visit www.cleantheworld.org.
About Longboat Key Club and Resort
Longboat Key Club & Resort is Sarasota’s premier AAA Four-Diamond beachfront resort and private club renowned for its distinctive guest service and unparalleled amenities. Easily accessible from two international airports, the resorts on-site amenities include: championship golf; 25 Har-Tru tennis courts; a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre; Island House Spa offering over 50 services; six unique restaurants; a 291 slip deep-water marina; and a private white sand beach. Located at 220 Sands Pointe Road, Longboat Key, Florida, reservations can be made by calling (941) 383-8821, (800) 237-8821 or by contacting us online at www.longboatkeyclub.com.

Day Two in Honduras

On Wed, Oct. 10,  we set out for our second day of soap distribution in Honduras. This was a continuation of our joint operation with the U.S. military, particularly the men and women at Soto Cano Air Force Base.

We visited schools, homes and a medical clinic where the U.S. military, Honduran military and local doctors cooperate to provide medical attention, preventative check-ups, vitamins and pre-natal care to residents. On Wednesday, 500 people received medical care – and left with soap from Clean the World.

Visiting students in a classroom.

Clean the World’s Rosanna Kingston teaching students about hand washing.

Students with their soap after a hand washing lesson.

Residents wait to enter the medical clinic.

Women outside their homes with soap and body wash.

Team Honduras!

Honduras Soap Distribution: Day One

Tuesday was Day One of our joint humanitarian effort in Honduras with the U.S. military. With the help of service men and women from Soto Cano Air Force Base, Clean the World distributed 3,000 bars of recycled soap to 900 children, including many orphans.

In addition to handing out recycled soap and Clearly Natural bars, the group provided hygiene education and taught the children a song about hand washing.

Representatives from Caesars Entertainment, Clearly Natural and NCGA Co-Op are with us on this trip. Team members from Clean the World include CEO Shawn Seipler, NGO partnership director Rosanna Kingston, and videographer Bobby Bahret.


Anchors Aweigh for Distribution Trip to Honduras

This is a satisfying week for Clean the World because we are on the ground in Honduras for a soap distribution trip.

From the amazing housekeepers who collect bars each day, to the volunteers and team members who help us turn used soap into recycled, sterile bars – there are thousands of dedicated supporters connected to this trip. All the hard work pays off now when we deliver live-saving soap to a country where, according to World Vision, 60 percent of the people live below the poverty line.

We are teamed up with the United States military on this trip. The distribution is in partnership with the Soto Cano Air Force Base, and our recycled soap was transported by the U.S. Navy.

Rosanna Kingston, our partnership and volunteer coordinator is busy keeping us on track in Honduras right now. She will return with stories and photos so we can share the experience with all of you.

To join the Global Hygiene Revolution and help us step up our recycling efforts, please click here to visit RocketHub.


New Body Wash / Shampoo Available for Shelters, Pantries and Missions

Since founding Clean the World in 2009, we have distributed more than 11.5 million bars of soap to children and families in the United States and more than 55 countries worldwide. Something we’ve learned in three-and-a-half years is that hygiene needs vary based on geography and circumstance. Which is why we now offer a bottled body wash-shampoo for homeless shelters, food pantries, outreach missions and non-governmental organizations.

These 13.5 oz (400 ml) bottles contain a combination liquid body wash/shampoo that is brand new – not recycled. It is manufactured in the United States specifically for Clean the World, and available on demand by the pallet or truckload for organizations that need a hygiene product other than bar soap.

When distributing soap around the world, we see a recurring challenge with sanitation and recycling in developing countries. Because of that, we try to minimize the amount of packaging used with our recycled soap.
The new bottled body wash provides an opportunity to tackle this from a different perspective. With an easily removable screw cap, the large bottles can be re-used to carry water or other liquids.
For just a $3 donation, Clean the World volunteers may pick up a bottle of body wash-shampoo at our Orlando headquarters or the Las Vegas Regional Operations Center.


Why We Do What We Do–By the Numbers

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Here’s an infographic that explains the thousands and millions reasons why we do what we do.


3 Easy Ways to Support our RocketHub Campaign

Recently we told you about an effort to raise $54,000 for new equipment that will allow us to reduce our soap recycling time by 85 percent. With this additional machinery, we can quickly process the surplus of 2 million soap bars currently residing in our Orlando facility.

As of this morning, we were at 10 percent of our goal. It’s a great start – but there is still a long way to go, and a short time to get there. With help from you, your family and friends, we will turn that surplus into new, pressed bars that will be delivered to impoverished families around the world by this Christmas. But we simply can’t do it without you.

Here are three easy ways you can help today:

     1) If you are able to offer financial support, please visit our RocketHub page now. Every little bit helps.

     2) If you are an influencer, we ask that you consider organizing a fundraiser at your place of business, church, school or other organization.

     3) If you already supported our RocketHub campaign or are not able to at this time, please pass along this newsletter to your friends or family members who might be interested in joining the Global Hygiene Revolution. The more you help us spread the word, the more lives we can save by protecting people from hygiene-related illnesses.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!


Thanks a Million, Starwood!

Any way you slice it, a million of anything is a lot.

When you are dead-set against doing something, you say you wouldn’t do it in a million years. A recording artist receives a platinum record for selling a million copies of an album. And who wouldn’t want to want to win a million dollars?

But think about a million bars of soap. Just imagine how many hygiene-related illnesses can be prevented when a million bars of soap are sent out into the world. That’s how many recycled bars we have created with the used soap donated by Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

When Starwood signed on with Clean the World in April of 2011, it was the first corporate partner to join the Global Hygiene Revolution. Now with 168 properties participating in the program, Starwood is the first partner to reach the milestone of one million recycled bars.

We are grateful to the thousands of housekeeping associates collecting soap and bottled amenities every day at Starwood properties. At this rate, it won’t be long before we create a million more recycled bars from Starwood soap.

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