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Las Vegas Students Working Hard to Make a Difference

Cheyenne HSClean the World is eternally grateful for the volunteers who help us achieve our goals of recycling soap and saving lives. Among these amazing volunteers are a group of students from Cheyenne High School in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Clean the World team members work hand-in-hand with young adults in Cheyenne’s Postsecondary Opportunities for Students in Transition (POST) program to increase the students’ occupational, social, and behavioral skills and help them become more productive in their everyday lives. While volunteering in the Clean the World warehouse, they sort bottled amenities collected from hotel partners in and around Las Vegas — so we always appreciate their hands-on support.

Kirk Howser is the POST special education teacher at Cheyenne. Howser oversees this entry-level individualized education program for disabled young adults ages 18 to 22 years old. The POST program helps his students demonstrate independence and competence in areas of employment, socialization, and independent living skills. Their class discussions often teach the students the importance of hygiene products, and why it’s necessary to provide them to those in need.

“Clean the World has opened up new teaching opportunities for our students who have disabilities” Howser said. “Our students do not usually get the opportunity to give back to those in need. It’s usually the other way around. For me personally, I’m happy that I get to share the wonderful feeling of giving back with my students … to see them smile knowing that they are helping someone is really special.”

Howser and his students make a lot of great memories during their volunteer sessions at Clean the World. However, one of their favorites was taking a class picture in front of the Christmas tree. For Howser, giving back is always special, but he says it took on even more significance during the holiday season when the group combined memorable moments with learning and laughter.

We truly appreciate the dedication and passion of the POST students during their weekly visits. Clean the World always welcomes young adults who want to make a difference and increase the impact of our mission. We value our part in helping these young adults develop workplace experience, independence, and communication skills. Their selflessness never goes unnoticed.

Researched and written by Gabrielle Lintz, an intern in the Clean the World marketing department.

Middle School Students Learn the Importance of Hand Washing

IMG_7987_medium IMG_7990_mediumOn February 15, Clean the World employees volunteered at Memorial Middle School in Orlando for our monthly Soap in Schools program. We had the wonderful opportunity to teach students the importance of hand washing, while also keeping them engaged and creating an environment where they have fun learning about germs and hygiene!

To begin the exciting event, students played a trivia game lead by Clean the World’s Lisa Hullinger, who gave them the dirty details about how far a sneeze travels. She also schooled the kids about which everyday item carries more germs — a cellphone or a toilet seat (spoiler alert, it’s a cellphone!), and how it’s crucial for them to wash their hands with soap rather than just use hand sanitizer. While some students couldn’t be stumped by these facts, many were shocked to know how many germs they are exposed to on a daily basis.

The crowd favorite of the afternoon was the black light activity, or as our intern Gabrielle Lintz renamed it, the “Germ Detector.” After students played the trivia game, they were eager to see what the black light would be used for. They saw their germs light up and come to life under the light, and were then strongly motivated to wash their hands.

At the hand-washing station, soap heroes Madison Wilson, Jorge Souto, and Cairra Martin of Clean the World sang a jingle to teach the students how to effectively wash their hands and remove the germs they spotted under the black light. For 20 seconds, the students successfully scrubbed away the germs and sang along to the hand-washing song that Clean the World teaches at every Soap in Schools event.

Clean the World is humbled to have the opportunity to teach students and families the importance of hygiene and hand washing. Seeing the children’s faces light up and get involved with us is truly amazing. We always hope to leave a positive, lasting impact on their lives. At the end of the event we gave each family a hygiene kit to take home, as a thank you for participating and taking the time to learn how they can improve their hygiene practices.

Clean the World’s Soap in Schools program began in January of 2016. Once a month we visit a different middle school after-school program to share our mission and teach families and students about the importance of hand washing.

Written by Gabrielle Lintz, an intern in the Clean the World marketing department.

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