Amazon Employees Across Europe and the UK Built 32,300 Hygiene Kits for World Refugee Day

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In a powerful display of solidarity, compassion, and commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Amazon employees from across Europe and the UK joined forces in a series of Impact Events focused on assembling hygiene kits to support World Refugee Day on June 20.

Through the unwavering dedication and effort of the Amazon volunteers, they created an astounding 32,300 hygiene kits across the Amazon HQ locations in Munich and London in a week! This year’s event aimed to further empower and support communities and charities in need, with the previous year’s event supporting charities in need in Ukraine. 

Impact events like these provide crucial support to charities that assist refugees in the EU and UK, with the kits being distributed to additional charities in need. By addressing the basic hygiene needs of these communities through hygiene kits, Amazon employees can provide individuals in need with a sense of dignity and comfort.

Our Soap Saves Lives Experiences also provide a fantastic opportunity for companies to foster employee engagement and collaboration while positively impacting communities and the environment. Employees from Amazon’s corporate office across Europe joined Clean the World to pack essential supplies for those in need, demonstrating their steadfast commitment to creating change.

The scale of the initiative required a remarkable level of coordination and cooperation from the Amazon employees, with a streamlined process of collaboration to assemble the hygiene kits in the most efficient way possible, in typical ‘Amazonian’ style. For a competitive twist, employees were grouped into teams and tasked with completing a set amount of hygiene kits in the quickest time possible. The team that achieves the fastest completion time will be declared the winner, fostering a spirit of teamwork.

In its constant pursuit of innovation, Clean the World Europe embarked on a mission to make our hygiene kits as sustainable as possible in 2022. As part of these efforts, Clean the World Europe partnered with @BambuuBrush to replace plastic toothbrushes with bamboo toothbrushes. They also replaced plastic toothpaste tubes with Den-tabs dental tablets and used post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic amenities for shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.

Amazon’s continued success with hygiene kit builds powered by Clean the World serves as a testimony to the power of collective action and the transformative potential of CSR. By providing essential hygiene resources and fostering a spirit of empathy and solidarity, Amazon employees are working towards creating a more equitable and compassionate world.

The collective efforts of Amazon employees, in support of World Refugee Day, through Clean the World’s Soap Saves Lives Experiences, have profoundly impacted communities in need. This remarkable display of unity and compassion serves as a reminder that Amazon and its employees continue to set an inspiring example for other organizations to follow.

Even small actions can create ripple effects of positive change. If you are an organization in Europe and the UK that would like to give back and participate in Clean the World’s Impact Events, please contact us at Europe@cleantheworld.org, and a member of our team will be happy to support.

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