Help Reduce Processing Time From 3 Weeks to 3 Days

Twenty-one days.

With our current production line, that’s how long it takes us to recycle enough soap to fill an 18-wheeler.

However, with the purchase of four new machines, we can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to recycle partially used soap from the hospitality industry. A $54,000 investment in equipment will allow us to cut production time by 85 percent – from three weeks to three days.

You can help by contributing to our new fundraising campaign on In our new video on the campaign page, co-founders Shawn Seipler and Paul Till explain exactly what Clean the World does and how the funds will be used. Please pass it along to your friends, colleagues and your social network. For those who aren’t familiar with Clean the World, the video is a great introduction to the cause.

The increased efficiency gained with four new machines would mean we can immediately process a backlog of two million bars, delivering them to impoverished families around the world by this Christmas. Your donation will also create jobs in our processing plants, keep soap out of landfills, and free our volunteers to build hygiene kits that go out to homeless shelters and soup kitchens across North America, and to families in need around the world.

Special thanks to the Orlando Chamber of Commerce for collaborating on the launch. Thanks also to Brian Meece, CEO and founder of, and to our friends and partners at WHOLESHEBANG ( for assisting with the video, copy and marketing assets.

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