New Report Focuses on Clean the World’s Social and Environmental Impact

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A “Sustainability and Social Impact Report” from McConnell Marketing provides a powerful new way for us to share the Clean the World story with hospitality professionals, business and government leaders, and people involved with sustainability initiatives.

The report is packed with fascinating information about the effects of soap recycling. There are sections on Clean the World’s recycling operations, our social, environmental and economic impact, and a case study on the Caesar’s Foundation.

McConnell is a full-service hospitality marketing agency. The Ohio-based firm serves more than 100 clients, including St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton and InterContinental.

During a company retreat last summer, team members from McConnell agreed to embrace the concept of social responsibility with a non-profit organization.

“As soon as I learned about Clean the World and their mission, I wanted to find a way to help them achieve their goals,” said Mark McConnell, owner of McConnell Marketing. “Upon visiting their website and learning more about the organization and its mission, I knew they would be a perfect fit.”

Katie Williams, McConnell’s director of business development, visited Las Vegas to learn more about Clean the World. She was the first volunteer at the newly opened regional operations center in Las Vegas. McConnell’s Katie Hively then joined Williams for a follow-up meeting in Orlando.

“As the first-ever volunteer at Clean the World’s Las Vegas center, I was amazed at the efficiency and scope of the sterilization process,” said Williams. “After spending some time, and elbow grease, helping out, I left the center knowing one thing for sure: I wanted to help more”

After reviewing Clean the World’s operation and discussing our needs, McConnell committed to join in the global hygiene revolution and help us fulfill our mission. The “Sustainability and Social Impact Report” is a fantastic example of what McConnell can accomplish with their industry knowledge and contacts.

Some highlights from the report:

    – Clean the World is the largest global recycler of hotel amenities, with more than 1,500 hospitality partners throughout North America.
    – In three years of operation, Clean the World has distributed more than 10 million bars of soap to children and families in the United States, Canada and more than 55 countries worldwide, while also fulfilling an environmental mission by diverting 700 tons of hotel waste from polluting landfills in the United States and Canada.
    – Based on U.S. market statistics, the combined hospitality segment produces close to 200 million metric tons of solid waste per year. As a ratio, the non-recycled solid waste produced is composed of 62 percent organic waste, 8.6 percent plastics, 6.8 percent metals and 22.6 percent other, including soap, glass, textile and paper.
    – Today, hotel guests notice and appreciate green initiatives and socially responsible efforts, and the result is high customer satisfaction and repeat business.


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