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Dear Friends:

As you know, the recent earthquake in Nepal has claimed more than 5,000 lives and created unspeakable devastation in a region already plagued by poverty. One of the greatest concerns following a catastrophe like this is access to water, sanitation, and hygiene. These disasters create environments in which diseases spread very rapidly, and soap is one of the most critical items needed to save lives and prevent further devastation. Amidst the chaos, many of the typical sources of soap have been cut off, leaving families, hospitals, and emergency response teams without access to such a vital resource.

That’s where Clean the World comes in. We’re responding by sending an initial shipment of soap to Nepal this week to serve over 5,000 families in camps and clinics, with distribution beginning by Friday. In the weeks to come, we’ll continue to provide shipments of soap and hygiene kits to help improve health and prevent the spread of diseases in the affected areas.

We know this effort is critical – and we couldn’t do it without your help. Will you join me today by making a donation to support our disaster response efforts in Nepal? Your gift will help us make sure lifesaving soap reaches those most in need, and will help provide an ongoing supply as the recovery continues. To make a gift, visit www.cleantheworld.org or click the button below.

Thanks so much for your support. And stay tuned for updates on our response efforts in the coming days.

With gratitude,



Sam Stephens
Chief Development Officer


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