The Professional Association of Innkeepers International Promotes Clean the World’s Life-saving Soap Recycling Program for B&Bs

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The Bed & Breakfast industry is rapidly becoming a major player in the green movement that is taking place in the hospitality industry by working with the Clean the World Soap recycling program. With the help of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII), Clean the World is spreading the word among green conscious innkeepers.

As an influential force in the B&B industry, PAII has enormous reach within the B&B community that includes as many as 17,000 inns in the U.S. alone. By promoting the Clean the World B&B Recycling program PAII is moving from educating innkeepers about the green initiative to encouraging action on an industry-wide basis. “This was a no-brainer partnership.  As a guest of B&Bs, I often wondered if there was a better way to discard unused soap, especially after one or two-night stays.  Reuse and recycling are the answer to so many problems, and I’m very glad that Clean the World is part of the B&B world now,” said Jay Karen, PAII’s president and chief executive officer.

How does it work?
The gently-used and discarded amenities from the B&Bs participating in the program are shipped to the Clean the World Recycling Operations Center in Orlando. After a sanitization process, the soap is provided to homeless shelters and impoverished people around the world, where hygiene tools are crucial in the prevention of diseases such as acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. 

“We believe that the B&B industry will provide a significant amount of amenities to underprivileged people in desperate need of soap, while simultaneously diverting tons of landfill waste,” said Paul Till, managing director of Clean the World.

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