Big In Beauty – Marcia Kilgore

MK: Making our packaging out of recycled plastic as much as possible has been a challenge and much harder than we first expected, but with perseverance we got there. We’ve also avoided unrecyclable pumps where possible. We knew the importance of responsible packaging and if it makes even the slightest of differences, it’ll be worth it. As well as this, making big decisions about ingredients and efficacious formulas with no ‘nasties’ while keeping the product affordable is always going to be a long, challenging process, but I’m surrounded by a great team and we have managed to steer clear of any ingredients that pollute the groundwater when rinsed. In addition, as we obviously believe in the power of soap and water, we have committed to providing soap and water to people who don’t have access to it already (via WaterAid and Clean the World).”

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