Company Of The Year: Hilton Canada

“A company with 100 years of history, Hilton understands the importance of giving back. For example, every shift, when members of the housekeeping staff at a Hilton hotel clean a room, they gather up the used bars of soap to be repurposed for a grander application — a new life helping less fortunate people. “That’s a slam dunk, an amazing way to show Hilton cares,” says Lodhia. He calls this corporate partnership with Clean the World — a social organization that distributes soap that’s been crushed, sanitized and cut into new bars to communities in need — a precise explanation for his loyalty to, and respect for, the hotel company to which he’s hitched his professional fortunes. Hilton’s soap-recycling program, which has helped distribute more than 7.6-million bars of recycled soap over the past decade, keeping two-million lbs. of soap and bottles out of landfills, “has saved lives,” says Lodhia. “We’re very proud to be associated with that.” …

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