Doing The ‘Give One’ Right

“New “buy one give one” companies are cropping up every day, and we at SoapBox love helping the movement grow. However, as I’m sure you’ve heard, these companies, and even nonprofits before that, have received criticism for doing more harm than good. Especially for social mission companies, it’s tough to focus on doing the aid right when you’re just trying to keep your baby alive and running. In our 5 years of building this business and figuring out how to sustainably give, here are a few things we’ve learned.

Partner with existing aid organizations doing it right. Large or small, we do both! Sustainability is such a buzzword in the aid industry, but balancing giving right and running a start-up with limited time resources is an issue only social mission companies have to deal with. With those limited resources, do the most good by making great partnerships.” …

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