Local Nonprofit Wants To Bring Mobile Shower Units To Orlando To Give The Homeless A Place To Get Clean

“Now, Daniel says, she wants to take her efforts a step further. Inspired by a project that started in San Francisco by an organization called Lava Mae, which retrofits buses with showers and toilets that travel around the city to give the homeless access to bathrooms, she wants to bring a mobile shower unit to Orlando.

“It’s a 20-foot-long trailer, and it has bathrooms with a shower and a sink and a mirror,” she says. “You can go in for about 20 minutes, and you can shave, shower, whatever you need to do in there. Get ready for work, clean up. The ones we’re looking at have also have two washers and dryers in the back, to keep the linens we’ll be using clean.”

Her vision, she says, is that the bus would park in various locations around the city for five hours at a stretch, three times a week to start. Eventually, Daniel says, she’d love to see the unit travel to other cities in the region, as well. The Street Team Movement, she says, has partnered with another Orlando nonprofit, Clean the World, for this effort. Her goal is to bring a portable shower unit to Orlando to offer a public demonstration so people can see how the units work and show them that it won’t be a public eyesore.” …

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