No More Hotel Freebies If Proposed Ban On Single-use Bottles Becomes Law

“Some hotels have already started to make efforts to decrease their carbon footprints. Many have signs in bathrooms asking guests to reuse their towels during their visit to minimize use of the washers and dryers.

Staten Island’s Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites have started recycling efforts to reduce waste.

“The Nicotras’ Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites properties have been recycling soap, and plastic shampoo, conditioner and lotion containers as a Hilton brand standard for years,” said Kristine Garlisi, chief of staff for The Nicotra Group. “Working with a nonprofit company called Clean the World Foundation, our Hilton Garden Inn property alone has recycled more than 1,531 bars of soap, 287 pounds of soap and 89 pounds of plastic in recent months.” …

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