Social Entrepreneurship Experiential Program (SEEP)

Online experiential learning project with a life-changing mission​

SEEP is a unique online experiential learning program that guides student teams through ten modules as they learn about social entrepreneurship by planning and executing a real world project for the benefit of a local non-profit organization of their choosing. Student teams will gain hands-on experience with social entrepreneurship, fundraising, goal setting, and more as they engage with individuals and organizations in the community to raise funds, plan, and execute a hygiene kit build event.

This hands-on learning program is perfect for management, marketing, sales, and business courses, but can easily be adapted to suit any program or length of study.

Offer an easy way to engage students in an enhanced curriculum and a real world project to support the local community.

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  • Experiential learning in real-world setting
  • Opportunity to make an impact on the local community 
  • Skill-based curriculum (collaboration, leadership, communication, goal setting and more)
  • Step-by-step online platform for students – complete with videos, podcasts, resources, and assessment tools
  • Easy for educators to integrate – share online access with students and provide basic guidance… it’s that simple

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In 2016, Mark McConnell, associate Professor and chair of the Department of Economics, Account, and Business Administration at the University of Mount Union, participates each year with a unique curriculum benefiting Clean the World. “I believe the goal of education should be to empower individuals to change the world,” said Cody Rohaley, Mount Union Class of 2018. “Through Professor McConnell’s class, I learned how to sell. What we are selling through, changed the world by serving the families in our communities. No other class I’ve ever taken has given me that opportunity.”
Cody Rohaley
Mount Union Class of 2018

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