2 Palm Beach County Hotels Join Clean the World’s Recycling Program!

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We are incredibly happy to announce the newest hotel additions to the Clean the World recycling partnership program.

In Palm Beach County, two truly spectacular properties, The Breakers and Hotel Biba have signed up and are now collecting soap, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner and lotions that would have otherwise been discarded. Committed to reducing unneccesary land fill waste in the Palm Beach County area and recycling, The Breakers and Hotel Biba are helping Clean the World SAVE LIVES! The recycled and sterlized products will be distributed to Palm Beach County homeless shelters and impoverished people worldwide!

Please visit their web sites for more information and book your next stay in Palm Beach at either The Breakers: http://www.thebreakers.com/ or Hotel Biba: http://www.hotelbiba.com/

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