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Hollywood Cleans Up with Mariana Klaveno

Actress Mariana Klaveno celebrated a birthday this week. But that is just one of the accomplishments that seem to be piling up recently for the Hollywood starlet.

In just a few months, Klaveno has gone from a critically acclaimed and fan-favorite role as Lorena on HBO’s “True Blood” series, to a new role in the white-hot Showtime series, “Dexter.” A TNT movie, “Innocent”, is scheduled for broadcast Nov. 29 and, yes, she’s also getting married soon.

In between all that, though, is something Klaveno truly treasures – her role as celebrity spokesperson for Clean the World. She will be presenting at the Inaugural Clean the World and will have an opportunity to meet with the hospitality industry professionals who are helping Clean the World.

“I had a chance while filming ‘Innocent’ in Vancouver to visit the Clean the World recycling operations center,” Klaveno says. “I spent some time with the women from Mission Possible who work there, heard their stories, and really connected with them while we were all scraping soaps. It was a very rewarding experience.”

Klaveno has recorded public service announcements for Clean the World, such as this one promoting the Text 2 Donate fundraising option, and another to promote the Gala. Her visibility as a spokesperson for Clean the World helps bring attention to the mission of recycling soap and saving lives.

“It’s such a simple thing, isn’t it?” she asks. “Yet when people really hear the numbers of children who die from disease because of lack of soap, it’s heartbreaking. Especially when you consider all the soap that is thrown away in the hospitality industry each day. I’m proud of the Clean the World partners who have joined the global hygiene revolution to save lives with soap, and look forward to meeting many at the Gala. Thanks for helping Clean the World.”


NBA Coach Brings Passion to Clean the World

There’s no professional basketball in the immediate future. The lockout situation continues for the National Basketball Association, and the first few weeks of the NBA season have already been removed from the schedule. So a lot of NBA players and coaches have time on their hands as they wait and wonder if the 2011-2012 will ever begin.

Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy is making great use of his time by volunteering in several central Florida communities, and helping Clean the World. Van Gundy has been a vocal supporter of Clean the World for months, and he’s recorded several public service announcements and promotional videos on behalf of its lifesaving soap recycling program.

Here’s a story that displays Van Gundy’s enthusiasm for Clean the World, and why he is proud to be a supporter of this organization.

“The Coach” will be attending the Inaugural Clean the World Gala on Nov. 5 at The Peabody Orlando. He’ll meet and greet guests, sign autographs, talk basketball, and about how soap can save lives.

Thank you, Stan Van Gundy. Your kind of passion is always welcome – on the basketball court and off.


“Mr. Brickhouse” Helps Clean the World

Thomas McClary, Lionel Ritchie, and Ronald LaPreade of The Commodores.

They call him “Mr. Brickhouse.” You may not immediately recall the name, but you’ll certainly recognize the music.

Thomas McClary, founder of The Commodores, is bringing a rich history of music, faith and wisdom in support of Clean the World.

McClary, who wrote more than 25 percent of all the songs for The Commodores and co-produced hits such as “Three Times a Lady”, “Easy”, “Lady You Bring Me Up” and “Sail On”, will be a special guest at the Inaugural Clean the World Gala, Saturday, Nov. 5, at The Peabody Orlando.

An Orlando resident since 1967, McClary is a frequent visitor to the Clean the World soap recycling facility in downtown Orlando, and he’s been instrumental in spreading the word about Clean the World’s efforts to stop the spread of preventable diseases with soap.

“Clean the World has certainly touched the heart and soul of so many people around the world with its desire to eradicate disease and save lives,” McClary says. “Soap and water are things too many of us take for granted, until it’s not available. Clean the World has zeroed in on the benefits of soap and the power it has to stop the spread of fatal disease. I’m certainly touched by that and happy to help spread the word.”

In addition to The Commodores, where he collaborated with his friend Lionel Ritchie, McClary has worked with music superstars such as Diana Ross, Kenny Rogers, The Four Tops, James Ingram, and Melissa Manchester. His contacts within the music industry, and the friendships he has established over the years, may have far-reaching benefits for Clean the World and the people who will benefit from receiving recycled soaps and bottled amenities.

“We all travel and stay in nice hotels and resorts, and certainly, we all use soap,” McClary says. “Clean the World is providing a much-needed and easy to understand solution for people who don’t have such luxuries. I’m glad your hotel partners have made a strong commitment to help people who are less fortunate receive a little more care and comfort.”

McClary and the original members of The Commodores are back in the studio again working on a CD that he hopes will be “ready to hit the streets” by April 2012.

“The CD is being recorded in Orlando and Los Angeles,” McClary says. “It’s all new music, and it’s fun to bring some history and the heartbeat of the music from the 1970s, while marching to the commercial appetites of today’s consumers.”

Look for McClary at the Inaugural Clean the World Gala and sing a few lyrics from your favorite Commodores song. He’ll take it from there.

“It’s a privilege to touch people with music,” he says. “It brings great joy.”


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