NBA Coach Brings Passion to Clean the World

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There’s no professional basketball in the immediate future. The lockout situation continues for the National Basketball Association, and the first few weeks of the NBA season have already been removed from the schedule. So a lot of NBA players and coaches have time on their hands as they wait and wonder if the 2011-2012 will ever begin.

Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy is making great use of his time by volunteering in several central Florida communities, and helping Clean the World. Van Gundy has been a vocal supporter of Clean the World for months, and he’s recorded several public service announcements and promotional videos on behalf of its lifesaving soap recycling program.

Here’s a story that displays Van Gundy’s enthusiasm for Clean the World, and why he is proud to be a supporter of this organization.

“The Coach” will be attending the Inaugural Clean the World Gala on Nov. 5 at The Peabody Orlando. He’ll meet and greet guests, sign autographs, talk basketball, and about how soap can save lives.

Thank you, Stan Van Gundy. Your kind of passion is always welcome – on the basketball court and off.


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