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Opening Day: Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center

Paul Till and Debi Kinney from Clean the World

Clean the World was founded three years ago with a simple mission: To recycle soap and save lives. And our mission is as simple and essential today as it was in the beginning.

More than 9,000 children die each day from hygiene-related illnesses around the world. That’s 3.5 million lives lost per year.

According to medical research studies by UNICEF and the World Health Organization, more than 60 percent of these deaths can be prevented by regular hand washing with bar soap. It’s a challenge worth accepting to save these lives while there is still time, and with the hygiene resources we have in abundance. Clean the World was founded to meet that challenge and stop this needless loss of life.

And it all starts with a simple bar of soap…

Think about the hospitality industry for a moment. 4.6 million hotel rooms in the United States and 16 million hotel rooms globally. Hotels and resorts in the United States alone throw away more than one million bars of soap each day, an estimated 4 million discarded daily across the globe. And that’s a conservative estimate. By throwing away the soap, we add to our growing problem of landfill waste – that’s another big concern.

Clean the World’s solution is simple. Rather than throw away these guest room amenities – and add to our planet’s growing sanitation problems – Clean the World recycles these soaps and places them in the hands of children to help stop the spread of fatal disease. In just three years we have helped divert more than 1.4 million pounds of hotel waste from local landfills. And we couldn’t do it without your passion and support.

More than 20 of our hospitality partners are located in Nevada, with a large concentration located within the Las Vegas city limits. As more people come to Las Vegas for work and play, let’s make it our shared mission to extend the life of the amenities they use to help save lives at home and abroad.


Las Vegas – Top Performing Properties

Feb. 29 marked the official opening of the Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center, but Clean the World is already witnessing great enthusiasm for soap recycling among our top performing properties in the Western Region of the United States.

In fact, of Clean the World’s more than 1,300 hotel partners throughout North America, our top four performers – and 5 of the top 9 — are from Las Vegas.

Consider these remarkable collection statistics (in ascending order):

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (8,781 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 30,000 bars of soap

The Venetian and The Palazzo (25,129 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 80,500 bars of soap

Encore Las Vegas (26,674 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 86,000 bars of soap

Caesars Palace (26,890 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 87,000 bars of soap

Wynn Las Vegas (28,793 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 92,000 bars of soap

The combined totals for these five properties alone equal 116,267 lbs. of hotel waste diverted from local landfills — more than 57 tons of trash — which will now be recycled into lifesaving hygiene supplies for people around the world.

Las Vegas is achieving amazing things. With the ability to attract individuals and families to the #1 entertainment destination in the United States, we have a great opportunity to benefit from the soaps and shampoos these guests leave behind.

It’s already happening  in Las Vegas. Just think of what this facility can do once all hotel partners in the Western and Pacific regions send their soaps and bottled amenities to Clean the World.

That’s a Lot of Showgirls

With the opening of the Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center, Clean the World can serve all hospitality partners in the Western and Pacific regions – an area spanning 13 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, all lodging properties in the city of Laguna Beach, Calif. and all of the Disneyland Hotels and Resorts in Anaheim, Calif.

In fact, Disneyland Resorts have collected and shipped 8,735 lbs. – more than 4.3 tons — of amenities directly to this facility.

Soaps and bottled amenities come to the Las Vegas facility from as far away as the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel and Conference Center in Fairbanks, Alaska (3,300 miles away) and the Sheraton Kauai Resort in Koloa, Hawaii (3,200 miles away).

Our hospitality partners in the Western and Pacific region have already contributed 325,000 lbs. of soap and 255,000 lbs. of bottled amenities to help Clean the World.

That’s 1.74 million bars of soap and 2.72 million little bottles of shampoo and lotion that are now improving hygiene conditions for children and families worldwide.

And if you need a little perspective on just how much soap has been collected, consider this…
Those soap weights are equivalent to:

– 27 African elephants
– 40 Killer whales
– 116 Volkswagen Beetles
– 2,917 Las Vegas showgirls!

And it’s all being collected and shipped to Las Vegas for recycling to help save lives around the globe. That’s how important this Las Vegas recycling operations center is to our Clean the World mission.

The ripple effect of this Las Vegas operation is immense. The good that comes from the amenities collected and recycled here will bring far-ranging, positive health benefits for communities in our own backyard and in regions around the globe.


Las Vegas By the Numbers

Clean the World celebrates the official opening of its Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center (ROC) with a ribbon-cutting event Wednesday, Feb. 29.

Which begs the question: How important is Las Vegas to Clean the World’s mission? Let’s look at the numbers.

Clean the World has more than 1,300 hospitality partners throughout North America, including 23 hotel properties in Nevada. These Nevada properties represent 40,000 hotel rooms.

Of these Clean the World-affiliated properties, 16 are within the Las Vegas city limits and have contributed more than 142,000 lbs. of soap — nearly 760,000 soap bars — to help save lives.

Through the generosity of our Las Vegas hotel partners  participating in the  Clean the World program, nearly one million people have received the gift of soap – and a potentially cleaner, healthier life.

There’s still much more to achieve as this partnership grows, but we’re off to a clean start.


Soap and a Sandwich

Robert Samuel from Stop Hunger Now visits with Rosanna Kingston at Clean the World headquarters in Orlando, Fla. Clean the World recently shipped 10,500 lbs. of soap to Raleigh, N.C.-based Stop Hunger Now, which will be included in hygiene and food kits distributed in Kenya and throughout the 76 countries they serve worldwide.

Stop Hunger Now is an international hunger relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world. The organization is driven by a vision of a world without hunger and a mission to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.

Clean the World regularly distributes recycled soaps and bottled amenities through a network of global distribution partners, including World Vision, Children International, Harvest Time International, and Food for the Poor. In just three years Clean the World has distributed more than 10 million bars of soap to children and families in the United States, Canada, and more than 45 countries.


Hospitality Partner Spotlight: Four Seasons Las Vegas

Not all Las Vegas hotel properties include gaming, and among those that do not, this prestigious Clean the World partner stands apart.

Four Seasons Las Vegas was Clean the World’s first non-gaming hotel partner in Nevada to join the hospitality recycling program. Since 2010 Four Seasons Las Vegas has embraced the concept of amenities recycling at its lavish Las Vegas Strip hotel, and the rewards of the partnership may be witnessed in the satisfaction it brings to those who work there.

“Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is honored to partner with Clean the World,” says Mark Hellrung, general manager. “Since joining the program in 2010, our hotel has collected 4,609 lbs. of soap and more than 7,426 lbs. of bottled amenities. This not only reduces waste, but it helps prevent illness and disease in the U.S. and in impoverished nations worldwide.”

More than two tons of soap have been collected at Four Seasons Las Vegas, equivalent to nearly 25,000 soap bars distributed to children and families in need.

Clean the World celebrates the vital and vibrant participation from 22 hotel partners in Nevada with the Feb. 29 grand opening of the Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center. The recycling facility, located in Las Vegas, serves all hotel partners in the Western region, including the Las Vegas strip hotels, a number of hotels and resorts in other parts of Nevada, and the target-rich hospitality environment along the Pacific coastline.

The opening of Clean the World’s Las Vegas ROC gives greater visibility to soap recycling efforts in the Western region, and greater opportunity for individual properties to shine within the program. And the commitment to sustainability is having a positive impact on guests.

“We believe the work this organization does is incredibly important and our participation is valued by both our employees and our guests,” says Hellrung. “Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts share the common goal of preserving and protecting the planet. In addition to Clean the World, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas has employed several other sustainable practices that conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact. We look forward to a continued partnership with Clean the World as we work toward a common goal of a sustainable future and saving lives at home and abroad.”


Soap Drive Success: The ADP Way

Clean the World Foundation community soap drives continue to provide inspiration for our many supporters, and much-needed hygiene relief for recipients all around the world.

Generous individuals, corporations, and organizations are coordinating soap drives at schools, churches, offices and homes in support of Clean the World’s efforts to save lives with soap.

Most recently, ADP, the country’s largest payroll processor, made soap collection for Clean the World a priority at 13 offices in the Midwest, and the results were amazing.

Employees at ADP collected 4,863 soap bars for donation to Clean the World. The soaps arrived this week and will be packaged for global distribution to children and families in need.

“Our busiest time of the year for both our clients and associates are the months of December and January,” says Joan Chappel, executive assistant at ADP-Small Business Solutions (SBS) Midwest region.  “During this time we try to do special activities for our associates.  This year we decided to give back a little, so we held a soap collecting campaign/competition among the offices. The enthusiasm was amazing.”

Chappel says support from Kathy Ross, Midwest regional vice president and general manager, and her senior team helped make this a fun and charitable event. She encourages other companies and organizations to try something similar to benefit Clean the World.

If you know of a community group, local business, or organization that would like to organize a soap drive for Clean the World, please contact Marti Mosley at mmosley@ctw2.wpstagecoach.com. We encourage you to also visit our soap donation link here to learn how you can make a community soap drive a worldwide success. Soap saves lives. Thanks for helping Clean the World.

Loews Hotels Help Save Lives with Soap

Imagine if you are planning a meeting at a 400-room hotel or resort. Your client has tasked you with creating a positive corporate social responsibility (CSR) experience for the event, and you really want to impress with global impact.

The solution may be found in a simple bar of soap.

Clean the World, an Orlando, Fla.-based social enterprise and largest global recycler of hotel amenities, collects, recycles and distributes hospitality industry soaps and bottled amenities to help stop the spread of preventable diseases worldwide.  And the reason is simple: Soap saves lives.

Each day 9,000 children around the world die from diseases such as acute respiratory illness and diarrheal diseases that can be prevented by washing with bar soap. The hospitality industry wastes more than one million bars of soap each day in the United States alone. Clean the World has a mission to place recycled soaps in the hands of people who need it most to improve hygiene and sanitation conditions worldwide.

“We take soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels that would otherwise end up in local landfills, and give them new life as hygiene products for people in need,” says Shawn Seipler, CEO and co-founder at Clean the World. “We’re literally turning trash into treasure and saving lives with soap. It’s a win-win situation.”

The Don CeSar Hotel, St. Pete Beach, Fla.

Clean the Word also offers meeting professionals an easy way to earn CSR credits while truly helping save lives. While your group is in town, housekeepers will collect gently used soaps and bottled amenities from their guest rooms. Once the meeting or event concludes, the hotel will send the collected amenities to Clean the World.

The items will be sanitized, rebatched into new soap bars and distributed within 60 days to children and families in need around the world. Your group gets CSR credit for helping Clean the World simply by participating in the meeting planner program.

Loews Miami Beach Hotel, located in the heart of South Beach, is a participant in the Clean the World hospitality partnership program. Guests there have provided more than four tons (6,102 lbs.) of soap and two tons (4,826 lbs.) of bottled amenities since joining the program. That effort places 32,544 soap bars in the hands of children who would otherwise go without.

Another Loews property, the luxurious Don CeSar Hotel in St. Pete Beach, Fla., has collected 1,216 lbs. of soap and 1,434 lbs. of shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions and gels – nearly 6,500 soap bars and 15,300 bottled amenities to stop the spread of disease.

Clean the World has more than 1,300 hospitality partners throughout North America, which represents more than 280,000 guest rooms. In just three years Clean the World has collected, recycled and distributed 10 million bars of soap to children and families in the United States, Canada and more than 45 countries.

If you are interested in joining the Clean the World Meeting Planner Program, please contact Bethanne Doud at bdoud@ctw2.wpstagecoach.com.


Haiti Relief: The Mission Continues

It’s been more than two years since the island nation of Haiti was torn at its foundation by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. 300,000 people lost their lives in that natural disaster and millions more were injured as the nation was literally turned upside down. [VIDEO: “I Keep Holding On”]

For months afterward, the world’s attention turned to Haiti and its plight. Celebrities hosted benefit concerts, dignitaries staged fundraising events. Both groups gave lots of speeches and individuals and faith-based organizations offered even more prayers.

At Clean the World, we took action. With the help of our hotel partners and a network of volunteers and supporters, our soap recycling organization mobilized to bring relief to children and families throughout Haiti. More than 2 million soap bars and hygiene supplies have been distributed to Haitian villages with the hope of halting the spread of preventable diseases. And the mission continues.

Recently, the Cap Haitien Health Network, through the leadership of avid Clean the World supporter and advisory board member, Dr. Ted Kaplan, kept the spirit alive with another soap distribution in Haiti. With the generous aid of AEROBridge, which provided transportation and logistics to and from Haiti, Clean the World helped send 34,400 soap bars to medical clinics served by Cap Haitien Health Network in some of the poorest communities in Haiti.

And that’s not the only shipment Haiti has received in the past few weeks. International Children Rescue Ministries Inc. recently received a donation of 2,000 soap bars, 2,880 bottles of body wash, and 10,368 body lotions from Clean the World. The hygiene items will be distributed throughout communities, such as Kenscoff, where children and families are battling poverty and poor sanitation conditions.

Finally, Clean the World is proud to be recognized by the Haitian American Visionaries Association for contributing thousands of soaps and bottled amenities for inclusion in hygiene kits that H.A.V.A. distributes at medical clinics throughout the country. We have a beautiful wall plaque as proof of our efforts, but the real measure of this mission is in the healthy smiles of children in Haiti who benefit from improved health and hygiene through regular hand washing with soap.

Soap saves lives. Thanks for helping Clean the World in Haiti and beyond. The mission continues…


Coakley & Williams Partners with Clean the World

Summary: Hospitality management firm anticipates collecting, recycling and distributing soaps and bottled amenities from guest rooms at 24 properties throughout the United States

Coakley & Williams, a Maryland-based hotel management company,  announces a corporate partnership with Clean the World, an Orlando-based social enterprise and the largest global recycler of hotel amenities, to collect, recycle and distribute soaps and bottled amenities from 24 hotel properties in the United States.

Soon the soaps and amenities enjoyed by guests at Coakley & Williams-affiliated hotels will be sanitized and recycled for distribution to children and families in disadvantaged communities around the world.

The partnership incorporates 24 hotel properties from a variety of well-known hotel brands, such as Best Western, Crowne Plaza, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, Hilton, Holiday Inn and many more. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and gels will be collected daily from 3,396 guest rooms in 10 states and Washington, D.C.  These properties are projected to provide 162,933 bars of soap and 343,152 bottled amenities to Clean the World annually.

The reason for the agreement is simple: Soap saves lives. Coakley & Williams, through its partnership with Clean the World, hopes to expand its corporate commitment to sustainability and social responsibility by reducing hotel waste and recycling lifesaving hygiene products for communities where soap is a scarce and essential commodity.

Each day 9,000 children around the world die from diseases such as acute respiratory illness and diarrheal diseases that can be prevented by washing with bar soap. Clean the World has a mission to put soap in the hands of people who need it most to improve hygiene and sanitation conditions and to lessen the impact of disease and promote better hygiene and living conditions worldwide.

“We first learned of Clean the World during their relief efforts following the Jan. 2010 earthquake in Haiti,” says Mark Williams, director of development at Coakley & Williams. “We donated some soap at that time to help the relief efforts and have been impressed with Clean the World’s growth since that time. With so many major hotel flags and brands embracing the soap recycling concept, we knew the time was right for Coakley & Williams to form a partnership and join the global hygiene revolution.”

In just three years Clean the World has collected, recycled and distributed 10 million bars of soap to children and families in the United States, Canada and more than 45 countries, including 2 million soap bars to Haiti since the earthquake.

“Having the support of hotel management companies such as Coakley & Williams helps solidify our global presence for good in the hospitality industry,” says Shawn Seipler, CEO and co-founder at Clean the World. “We welcome the passionate participation of Coakley & Williams properties in our program and encourage guests to stay at these properties so everyone can play a part in saving lives with soap.”

Clean the World has more than 1,300 hospitality partners throughout North America, representing more than 280,000 guest rooms in 50 states, Washington, D.C., 10 Canadian provinces,  Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

About Coakley & Williams
Coakley & Williams is a privately owned hotel management firm with roots in the construction industry dating back to 1926. In 1971, the firm entered a new and prosperous era with the development and construction of its first hotel, The Ramada Hotel in Lanham, Maryland, which it owned and operated until its sale in 1993. Coakley & Williams Hotel Management Company is managing an impressive portfolio of more than 24 hotels with a client list of individual owners and corporations. The company has extensive experience in all phases of the hotel business and property management. It is a full-service hotel management company offering a broad range of services in operations, marketing and sales, accounting, human resources, and programs designed to benefit all of its clients. For more information visit: www.cwhotels.com
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