Press Release: Going Green for the Hospitality Industry Just Got Easier

Clean the World and The Super Recyclers, a winning partnership for hotels wanting to reduce their environmental footprint

Montréal, June 13th, 2016—Two innovative recycling teams have joined forces to offer hotels in Canada an easy way to go green. As a team, Clean the World and The Super Recyclers are helping this hospitality service reduce their environmental footprint and at the same time give back to those in need.

“We recuperate all of the soap and amenities, such as shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion, that is left behind by the customers,” says Pierre Daigneault, Chief Sustainability officer at Clean the World (CTW). “CTW then recycles these into new commercial quality products. For example, last year, we produced approximately four million new bars of soap from the used soap we collected. The new products are distributed to people in need in Canada and around the globe. It seems simple but it is a highly logistical operation since we have about 4,000 hotels participating in our program. And it is growing every day.”

So it made sense to Daigneault when he was recently introduced to Marie-Claude Guérin, founder and president of The Super Recyclers—a newly formed Montreal business that collects and recycles fabrics that are no longer used—that they join forces.

“Once collected, the used clothes and textiles get sorted and transformed accordingly and a percentage of the profit is given back in order to finance social projects,” explains Marie-Claude Guérin.

“To begin, we will offer this joint service to our hotels in Canada (more than 20,000 rooms) with whom we currently partner,” says Daigneault. “Eventually, I see this service being offered around the world to all of our hotel partners.”

The process for the hotels is simple: they are provided bins where they dispose of the recyclable items and then the bins are collected. “We have agreements with most of the big flag hotels says Daigneault. “Because we have offices in Orlando, Las Vegas, Canada, Europe and Asia, we are able to fulfill needs worldwide.”

“We are very happy to be teaming up with Clean the World on this initiative,” says Marie-Claude Guérin, president of The Super Recyclers. “Together, we want to offer hotels the peace of mind of going green effortlessly.”

According to Daigneault, the merger is one of a kind. “This is a trend—a shift of thinking in the hotel business,” he says. “The hospitality industry is now more conscious than ever about its impact on the environment. So we offered one solution and we now offer two. We have no doubt it’s the way of the future.”

About The Super Recyclers

The Super Recyclers, a business launched in 2015, aims at fulfilling the needs of the community by mobilizing citizens around an environmentally responsible movement and raising awareness of the benefits of recycling. Every one of our used clothing and fabrics (torn, stained or in good condition) drives help finance a social project that improves the lives of our citizens, according to the total weight of the collected linens. The lot is sorted, then transformed, shredded or redistributed. The Super Recyclers invite the community to a more socially responsible approach, both environmentally and economically.

About Clean the World—Canada
Clean the World has a three-part mission: Collect and recycle soap and hygiene products discarded every day by the hospitality industry and other sectors that generate environmental waste; prevent hygiene-related illnesses through the distribution of these and other donated products to people in need; and finally, to become the sustainability solution for the hospitality industry by providing expertise and services to our network.

For more info:

Marie-Claude Guérin
Super Recyclers
Tel. : 514-813-3861

Pierre Daigneault
Chief Sustainability officer
Clean The World Canada
Tel. : 514-688-9236

Green Lodging News, Greenview Go ‘Live’ With Green Lodging Survey

greensurveylogo555With the support of Clean the World and Green Key Global, and the sponsorship of Aquawing Ozone Laundry Systems, Green Lodging News and Greenview have launched the world’s premier Green Lodging Survey.

You can access the survey by clicking here.

Tens of thousands of green lodging establishments around the planet are encouraged to benchmark their sustainability practices by completing this survey.

The Green Lodging Survey is the lodging industry’s annual exercise to assess and catalyze green innovation, best practices, and awareness regarding the state of sustainability across hotels worldwide. The Green Lodging Survey is powered by Greenview, a leader in advancing hotel sustainability, and managed by Green Lodging News, lodging’s leading environmental news source.

The Survey: The survey consists of about 100 easy-to-complete questions covering the latest in operational practices, facility attributes, and outreach programs to conserve resources, reduce carbon emissions, increase guest experience, and make positive community impact. There is no cost to participate in the Green Lodging Survey. Hotels and B&Bs participate by responding to the survey via the online portal platform where work can be saved and answers easily can be updated for the next year’s survey.

The Trends Report: After the close of the survey, a Trends Report will be produced that will analyze the results with general trends and highlight exemplary practices and innovations that stand out, serving as a guidepost for the industry and especially the survey participants.

The Benchmarking Report: For survey participants, a compare report will be prepared, confidential to each participant, to serve as a yardstick for a property to understand the status of each specific practice within the general participant universe.

For sponsorship information, click here. You may also contact Glenn Hasek, Publisher & Editor of Green Lodging News, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at For technical assistance, contact Eric Ricaurte, Principal, Greenview, at (202) 470-1094, or

Laura Schwartz, Clean the World, Asembia, Wynn Las Vegas Team Up for Lifesaving Recycling Program

As an active Clean the World board member, professional speaker Laura Schwartz was especially proud to emcee the Asembia 2016 Specialty Pharmacy Summit at the fabulous Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Wynn has been a Clean the World partner since 2011, with contributing properties in both Las Vegas and Macau.

There were 12,000 Asembia “heads in beds” throughout the conference, resulting in:

  • 2,364 pounds of discarded soap recycled from rooms
  • With the addition of plastic amenity bottles, the program diverted a total of 4,140 pounds of waste from southern Nevada landfills
  • Clean the World will manufacture 12,624 new bars of recycled soap that will benefit at-risk people

“I was so excited to emcee such a prestigious summit for Asembia at the Wynn, which is not only a fabulous venue but a socially responsible one,” Laura said. “You could really see their pride for the partnership as well as their company.”

The top two killers of children worldwide are pneumonia and diarrheal disease. Introducing young children to soap and information about how and when to use it helps exponentially in cognitive development. Clean the World combats this issue with a variety of programs, including cooperative agreements such as this one with Asembia and Wynn.

Laura’s meeting with the Wynn Housekeeping staff during their training was in celebration of this remarkable achievement, as well as many others.

“I was so happy to represent Clean the World while visiting the Wynn Las Vegas housekeeping managers and staff training,” she said. “It was a great way to celebrate the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit.”