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Meet Your Customer Service Rep: Selina Johnson

img_6270You might have spoken with them already, but for those who haven’t had the chance to meet the wonderful individuals who make up Clean the World’s stellar Customer Service team, here’s your chance! We are spotlighting a team member each month to help you get to know the face on the opposite end of the phone (or computer).

Selina Johnson is Clean the World’s Customer Service Supervisor. She joined our Clean the World family in early 2016 and has made every day sunnier for the staff at the Orlando recycling facility. Selina heard about Clean the World through a family member, and that’s when she knew she had to join the team and make her mark in this Global Hygiene Revolution.

Selina’s attitude toward our mission is not only optimistic but positively contagious throughout the entire office. She encourages everyone to be their best and remember the reason we’re all here.

“I want people to know that Customer Service really is passionate about what we do,” Selina said. “A lot of times, people don’t know that we work seven days a week sometimes, or after hours. We do a lot to try and make sure that we accommodate not just our partners but the goal of our mission.”

Selina spends her days (and sometimes evenings) making sure we meet our partners’ needs, whether that be sending out shipping labels, replenishing soap bins, or fulfilling orders for posters and support materials. And always with a great attitude! Selina’s passion for helping others stems from her history of teaching and training.

Before her start at Clean the World, Selina worked as a restaurant manager for eight years, an in-school suspension teacher, and an Orange County (Florida) corrections officer.

“At some point or another, I’ve always coached or developed or trained,” she said. “So even though they’re different careers and professions, I’ve always been able to teach. That’s my passion.”

Selina applies her passion by helping and teaching others every day at Clean the World, and even outside of work. Recently, she began tutoring people all over the world who are looking to improve their English speaking skills. She speaks with most of them via Skype and gets to know her students and share things about American culture while helping them to achieve fluency in conversational English. Selina said, “You learn so much about different cultures.”

Interestingly enough, after hearing about Clean the World and the great things we do locally and globally for health and hygiene, one of Selina’s students is planning a trip to Orlando in a couple of months and plans to take her family to our recycling center for a fun day of volunteering. This type of engagement is truly the beauty of a global mission that brings people from all walks of life together for a common cause: saving lives with soap.

Selina believes in Clean the World’s mission and will do whatever she can to make sure our partners are satisfied and feel good about the impact they make.

“It’s very rewarding because you know there’s a beautiful end result. You know these kids are getting soap,” Selina said.

So next time you exchange a happy hello with Selina about our hospitality program, be sure to let her know what you’re pleased with or express any concerns you might have – she’s happy to help!

Saluting All Our Fabulous Hotel Room Attendants

International Housekeepers Week is every year during the second full week of September and is sponsored by IEHA. It is dedicated to recognizing the efforts of hard-working custodial staff members. This year we invited some hotel partners to brag about their room attendants.

Elan Hotel in Los Angeles

The team does an amazing job. They pride themselves on being part of the Greystone family of hotels. Blanca Gonzalez (first photo below) has been onboard since 2006 and has learned all of the trades of the job. She is currently our housekeeping supervisor and oversees the housekeeping team when Carlos is not on property.



Bristol Hotel in San Diego

The Bristol housekeeping team members have been with the company for over 10 years. Two women, Dora Mendoza and Rosie Hernandez, have been with the company for 16 years. Every day they work with a smile and are full of energy.


King George Hotel in San Francisco

Dieu Ly, the housekeeping room attendant at the King George Hotel in San Francisco, has been with the property since 1995! Dieu moved to San Francisco from South Vietnam and has made it her home. Right now she is learning yoga and spends her time reading anything about Buddha and meditation. Dieu has been at the hotel so long because she considers her co-workers to be her second family.


Empress Hotel in La Jolla, California

General Manager Joel Majors of the Empress says, “It is because of our great team that we continue to get the good ratings on the Internet and many satisfied return guests. They all deserve a shout-out!”


The Inn at Union Square in San Francisco

Each of the attendants cares deeply about the Inn and stuck with us through the massive job of renovating the bathrooms. Some of them went to work at sister properties during the renovation. However, they all wanted to come back to see the Inn full of life with happy guests once again.


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