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Clean the World finishes another successful school year with Soap in Schools

On Wednesday, May 17th, Clean the World visited our final Soap in Schools program of the 2016-2017 school year. This was a great event at Memorial Middle School in Orlando, Florida.  We went with the intentions of educating but left with the gift of a beautiful lesson.

Many of our families were so excited to be involved with our program that they couldn’t help but sing our “Top and Bottoms” song with us.  We also handed out 200 hygiene kits, giving family members basic amenities needed to keep them healthy.  The event was more than the assignments at hand; setting up stations that sparked curiosity, teaching proper hygiene techniques, and providing resources to those that may not have been fortunate enough to acquire them on their own.   These students and their families really showed us how much our program has impacted them.

As many of our students grow and move onto high school, we are pleased to see that their time with Clean the World truly left an imprint on them, and we hope that they will continue to sing proudly for the full twenty seconds while they wash their hands.

As part of our Soap in School program, we are planning three summer camps.  We look forward to educating children on the importance of hand washing.  With proper hygiene education, we can keep them safe and healthy as they prepare for another exciting school year.

Orlando United Day

A Day of Love and Kindness

Almost a year has passed since that night that has forever changed and shaped the Orlando community. On June 12, 2016, 49 lives were taken during the Pulse nightclub tragedy and the community of Orlando answered to this act of hate and violence with love and togetherness. We showed the world that we are a loving community that disapproves of and rejects violence. A community that has grown, prevailed together, and thus come out stronger.

The City of Orlando and Orange County, in collaboration with Pulse, have designated June 12, 2017, as “Orlando United Day – A Day of Love and Kindness.” This will be a day-long schedule of remembrances to honor the 49 victims and their families. Some of the events include prayer ceremonies with different speakers, special live performances at Lake Eola, and midnight ceremonies at Pulse.

Clean the World will honor this date by hosting a hygiene kit build at its Landstreet recycling center. Volunteers are joining us from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm to build 4,900 hygiene kits in representation of the 49 victims. The hygiene kits will be donated to different charities across Orlando in support of the LBGTQ community. Let’s all honor and cherish the memory of those who lost their lives. Together we can continue the unity that followed the tragedy because we are #OrlandoUnited.

Visit https://oneorlandoalliance.org to know more about “A Day of Love and Kindness” and all the events that you can be part of on this day. It is a day to spread the love. So, pick an event, give back to the community, and share love and kindness.


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