ALERT: William Lowry on the ground in Cap Hatien

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This is the latest update, as of Monday January 18, from William Lowry who is in Cap Hatien.

It is Monday morning in Haiti. I have been meeting with several leaders and pastors this morning. The stories are incredible. There is a massive exodus out of Port au Prince that has begun. It is clogging the roads in and out. It is making it difficult for non military people to get around. The exodus is to Cap Haitien and Gonaives. The hospitals in Cap Haitien are being overtaxed already. They need doctors and supplies. We are headed to the Justinien Hospital in 15 minutes. We will assess the needs there. Electricity is off and only those with generators have access to power. This affects food storage as well as internet access for the average person. Phone communication is very spotty at best.

Clothing will be needed soon, as the clothing that so many have is what is on their back. Everything else that they owned is beneath the rubble of their former houses. One story is of a lady who was showering at the time of the quake. She was in an outdoor shower area with a towel. When the house collapsed she was not able to get anything and barely survived herself. She was in only a towel for 5 days. This is a common story.

The massive number of corpses has cast a horrific stench across the city of Port au Prince. It is  an odor that is nearly unbearable in some parts of the city. It is verfy difficult yet for most to even get to loved ones that are only several blocks away. The expectation for the spread of disease and bacteria is extremely high.

We have two meetings this morning to button down our warehouse space. We have secured trucking from Cap Haitien to Port au Prince. One is with the APN and Abraham, and the other is with Max Lerouche. Things are falling into place. We should have these things done by 1:00 p.m.

I just spoke with a young man who was stuck in PAP for 4 days with no food, no water, and only a tee shirt. He made it out and believes his life was spared.

I will go for now!!!!

William Lowry
Director of Global Development


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