Amsterdam and Clean the World: Embracing Sustainability Together!

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The City of Amsterdam and Clean the World invites local Amsterdam based hotels to a free webinar on January 30th, following the successful Amsterdam-Clean the World Impact Deal launched in September 2023.

Webinar Focus: Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program 

The City of Amsterdam, an ICLEI member city and global sustainability leader, partnered with Clean the World to transform waste and reduce CO2 emissions in the city. The webinar will explore Clean the World’s hospitality recycling program insights tailored for local hotel partners.

Clean the World’s Global Impact: Making a Difference Since 2009

With nearly 15 years of experience and over 8,100 hotel partnerships worldwide, Clean the World has distributed over 80 million recycled soap bars, significantly contributing to a healthier planet.

The Impact Deal and Amsterdam’s Sustainability Goals

Part of the Impact Deal project commits to a circular economy and reducing the hospitality industry’s carbon footprint. Joining Clean the World aligns hotels with sustainable practices, supporting Amsterdam’s environmental targets.

Clean the World’s Mission: A More Sustainable Future for Amsterdam

By the end of 2024, Amsterdam City hopes to support Clean the World in inviting 50% of Amsterdam hotels onto the hospitality recycling program, an objective which would create substantial impact on the city’s waste reduction.

How Clean the World Supports Hotel Partners

Beyond recycling, Clean the World provides hotels with a comprehensive impact reporting system, allowing them to track recycled materials, calculate offsets, and align efforts with specific Sustainable Development Goals.

Follow Amsterdam’s Lead: Join the Clean the World Movement!

The partnership between Amsterdam City Council and Clean the World showcases collaborative sustainability. Amsterdam hotels can become heroes by joining the hospitality recycling program and contributing to a sustainable future for the city.

Hotels in the Amsterdam region interested can reach out to Clean the World’s European team at europe@cleantheworld.org.

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