City of Amsterdam Partners with Clean the World in Impact Deal

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Amsterdam’s Commitment to Sustainability

The City of Amsterdam, renowned for its strong commitment to sustainability, has partnered with Clean the World to drive impact, reduce waste, and support CO2 reduction goals within the city. Together, we are reaching out to local hotel partners throughout Amsterdam to get to know the services and impact of Clean the World as a service provider. 

By partnering with Clean the World, a global leader in waste management, Amsterdam can leverage its leading position in driving sustainable growth to other cities worldwide. Amsterdam has been collaborating with hotels over the years on sustainability objectives, and Clean the World will work to be an amazing partner for reaching waste reduction targets and social impact goals.

Clean the World has an impressive global track record of over 14 years, collaborating with more than 8,100 hotels worldwide to recycle soap and plastic bottled amenity waste. Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed over 80 million bars of recycled soap to communities in need. Notably, Clean the World’s operations also include recycling plastic bottle amenities, which constitute a significant portion of waste generated by European hotels.

Amsterdam’s Impact Deal and Continued Sustainability Efforts

The Impact Deal between Clean the World and the City of Amsterdam is one of eight deals in a project launched in 2022 by Amsterdam Impact, the impact entrepreneurship program of the City of Amsterdam and MKB Amsterdam, the local SME association.

When hotels in Amsterdam partner with Clean the World, they align themselves with the circular economy and actively contribute to reducing waste and carbon footprint in the hospitality industry. Joining the Clean the World program showcases hotels’ commitment to sustainable practices while supporting the city in achieving sustainability goals. 

Clean the World aims to onboard 50% of Amsterdam hotels onto Clean the World’s hospitality recycling program by 2024. If successful, this cooperation from Amsterdam hotels will significantly reduce waste within the industry and drive the city closer to its waste reduction goals.

The hospitality industry in Amsterdam represents a significant proportion of the city’s total annual waste. Garnering the support and cooperation from the hospitality industry is crucial for achieving set environmental targets.

How Clean the World Supports Hotel Partners

Alongside recycling soap and plastic bottled amenity waste and social impact efforts, Clean the World provides hotel partners with an array of benefits that seamlessly support the transition into their hospitality recycling program.

One particular attribute is Clean the World’s comprehensive impact reporting system. This impressive portal allows hotel partners to track the amount of recycled plastic and soap, enabling the calculation of associated offsets. This data is linked to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provides valuable indicators such as carbon footprint reduction, water conservation, total waste diverted from landfills, and assistance to refugees.

The successful implementation of the Clean the World hospitality recycling program in Amsterdam highlights its flexibility and ease of adoption, making it inviting to cities and hotels across Europe. Clean the World’s program offers customizable options that can be seamlessly integrated at a city or individual hotel level, tailored to meet each partner’s unique sustainability objectives and local requirements.

Follow Amsterdam’s Footsteps and Join the Path to Sustainability

The Amsterdam City Council and Clean the World partnership showcases both parties’ unwavering commitment to sustainability, waste reduction, resource repurposing, and social impact. Amsterdam hotels’ active participation in the Clean the World hospitality recycling program will profoundly impact several sustainability goals, including waste reduction, water conservation, and vital support for communities in need. This partnership exemplifies how government bodies and social organizations can collaborate to achieve localized sustainability objectives and reduce environmental impact.

Amsterdam hotels can become true sustainability heroes by joining Clean the World and contributing to the city’s mission of creating a more sustainable future. This partnership sets a precedent for sustainable hospitality practices worldwide.

Hotels interested in joining the impact can contact Clean the World’s European team at europe@cleantheworld.org.

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