Celebrating 11 Years of Impact with Caesars Entertainment

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Clean the World’s mission to protect the environment and save millions of lives by leading a global hygiene revolution began in 2009. Since then, we have locked arms with the hospitality industry, helping to put their otherwise discarded soap and amenity bottles into the hands of men, women, and children in need. Since 2010, Caesars Entertainment has partnered with Clean the World to help others overcome hygiene insecurity, hygiene-related illness, and homelessness.

In 2010, Clean the World’s Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center opened with the support of Caesars Entertainment and the Caesars Foundation. Today, 35 of Caesars Entertainment’s hotels across the U.S., consisting of 41,900 rooms, recycle their used soap and bathroom amenity bottles daily. Lab-certified recycled soap is made from their used bars of soap by first being filtered, then sanitized, and finally cut into new soap.

By recycling these products, Clean the World can provide soap to those in need, ultimately preventing diseases within communities and reducing mortality rates around the world. In addition to the nearly 256 thousand pounds of plastic that has been recycled, just under 830,000 pounds of waste have been kept out of landfill because of Caesars Entertainment’s sustainability practices. In fact, in 2019 Caesars Entertainment diverted 43% of all their waste from landfills! An amazing by-product of their efforts—2.7 million bars of soap and 23 thousand hygiene kits have been sent to children and families in need in the U.S. and around the world.

“Caesars Entertainment’s commitment to helping solve the challenge of hygiene insecurity is truly inspiring,” says Shawn Seipler, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Clean the World. “With their support, we are able to help individuals change their situation. Their contribution saves lives.”

Clean the World Foundation distributes these recycled soap bars to individuals in need or adds them to hygiene kits along with shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and lotion or socks as part of its WASH (water, sanitization, and hygiene) education and emergency relief efforts. The recycled bath products go to underserved communities to ensure proper handwashing and hygiene are encouraged to eliminate the threat of numerous preventable diseases.

Clean the World continues to support Las Vegas with its four Fresh Start WASH & Wellness mobile shower units! Since the Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Program’s inception in 2017, Clean the World has delivered close to 25,000 showers, distributed 37,000 hygiene kits, and contributed towards a 15% decrease in the rate of homelessness within the first six months. The program provides mobile showers and hygiene services to the unhoused community, along with offering a variety of wrap-around services that are provided by local partners. The focus of the program is to facilitate the transition to permanent housing while stemming the spread of COVID-19 and other hygiene-related illnesses among individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Caesars Entertainment has been a supporter of many Clean the World Foundation WASH programs. In fact, Caesars Entertainment team members have traveled to several Clean the World Foundation program locations to participate in WASH projects including Tegucigalpa, Honduras (2012), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2013), Manilla, Philippines (2014), Antigua, Guatemala (2015), Chicago/Hammond, Illinois (2016), Guadalajara, Mexico (2017), Lusaka, Zambia (2018), and Las Vegas, Nevada (2019). Their work contributed to multiple Clean the World Foundation programs which consist of Fresh Start WASH & Wellness (mobile showers), WASH Infrastructure & Education, Menstrual Health, Women’s Microfinance, Humanitarian/Emergency Relief, WASH Stations for the Unhoused Community, and Water Stewardship Grants. In 2015, Christian Stuart, Head of Caesars Sports and Online Gaming officially joined Clean the World Foundation’s Board of Directors.

In addition to their generous support of Clean the World, Caesars Entertainment leads many sustainability initiatives through CodeGreen, a strategy that drives environmental awareness and engagement, as well as performance, across the business. For information on the company’s CodeGreen initiative, visit www.caesars.com/corporate/corporate-social-responsibility/planet.

Thank you!

Caesars Entertainment has been a valuable partner over the years and Clean the World would like to give them a huge thank you. Thanks to their generosity, MILLIONS of people in need have been able to benefit from access to critical hygiene supplies and services.

How you can get involved!

You can make a difference in your local community. Please contact info@cleantheworld.org for more information or visit: https://cleantheworldfoundation.org


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