Clean the World and Global Soap Join Forces

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Executive directors unite: Shawn Seipler (left) of Clean the World, and Sam Stephens of Global Soap.

This is a monumental day in the Global Hygiene Revolution!

We are thrilled to announce that Clean the World and Global Soap have joined forces to improve even more lives through an integrated social enterprise. After six years of developing similar missions that focus on recycling soap and improving global health, we have unified under the Clean the World banner. This stronger, combined force allows us to multiply our impact.

This is a marriage of strengths. Clean the World now manages all the collection and recycling of soap and plastic bottles, while Global Soap focuses on soap distribution and hygiene education. Please see the press release below for more details.

Thank you for your continued support of Clean the World and Global Soap. With your help, we look forward to continuing the reduction of preventable hygiene-related illnesses and deaths, and delivering an exponential increase in social and environmental impact.


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ORLANDO, Fla. — (April 9, 2015) – The world’s only large-scale recyclers of hotel soap have combined their operations and charitable efforts. Clean the World and Global Soap have contributed to a 30 percent reduction in pre-adolescent deaths from hygiene-related illnesses since 2009. Now consolidated under the Clean the World banner, they join forces to improve even more lives through an integrated social enterprise.

The blended organization capitalizes on strengths developed separately by each group over the past six years. Under the new operating structure, Clean the World Foundation manages all soap and plastic bottle collection and recycling in North America, while Clean the World Asia oversees soap recycling in the Asia-Pacific region. Global Soap concentrates on strategic soap distribution and hygiene education programs that make a measurable, sustainable impact on global health.

“This is truly a situation where one plus one equals three,” said Shawn Seipler, founder and CEO of Clean the World. “As a unified team, we will divert more trash from landfills, recycle and manufacture more soap, reach more people, and bring greater focus to the sustainable impact of our life-saving mission.”

For Global Soap, the mission continues to be creating a positive health impact that is sustained long-term by making hand washing and local soap purchases a lifelong habit.

“By joining forces with Clean the World, Global Soap can focus solely on improving global hygiene,” said Sam Stephens, Executive Director of Global Soap. “We can broaden our range of activities and expand our community-based hygiene programs, including micro-enterprise and micro-lending initiatives. The result will be a much stronger and more sustainable impact on global health.”

Seipler said the consolidation allows Clean the World to set the standard for finding solutions to social problems. “By sharing Clean the World’s experience and expertise with other social enterprises, we believe there can be an exponential increase in social and environmental impact.”

About Clean the World

Clean the World is a social enterprise dedicated to the mission of saving millions of lives around the world while simultaneously diverting hotel waste from landfills. Clean the World operates soap recycling centers in Orlando, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, and leads the “Global Hygiene Revolution” to distribute recycled soap and hygiene products from more than 2,400 hotel and resort partners to children and families in countries with a high pre-adolescent death rate due to acute respiratory infection (pneumonia) and diarrheal diseases (cholera) – which are two of the top killers of children under the age of 5. Since 2009, more than 23 million bars of Clean the World soap have been distributed in 99 countries. Through its “ONE Project,” Clean the World provides hygiene kits to relief organizations throughout North America.

About Global Soap

Global Soap’s mission is to improve global health by distributing soap that is recycled from more than 1,600 hotel partners, and working with leading health organizations to identify populations that most desperately need soap and hygiene education. Global Soap collaborates with those organizations to help distribute 100 percent of the soap to those who need it most. Through ongoing hygiene education, Global Soap ensures that recipients understand how, when and why to use soap to benefit from its life-saving properties.


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