Clean the World Launches First Major Website Redesign

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It’s not always easy to part with things that have been part of your life for a long time. A favorite pair of sneakers. Your first car.

Your first website.

We launched the original Clean the World website in 2009, and it served us well for more than five years. Thousands of hotel partners and volunteers learned about our programs on that site.

However, it remained essentially unchanged for more than five years. Sure, we made some cosmetic changes here and there, and added a few pages. But the core site never changed. Website technology has evolved a lot since 2009, and it was time for us to catch up.

So we launched CleanTheWorld.org 2.0 at the end of December. And we couldn’t be more proud.

The new site has sections designed specifically for the different types of supporters who visit us online:

  • Hotels
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Volunteers
  • Those interested in hygiene-kit events
  • Sponsors
  • Soap donors
  • People who want to join us on a distribution trip

Please spend a few minutes looking around the site. We hope you learn something new about the many opportunities we have for people to get involved with the global hygiene revolution.

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