CTW Distribution Partners- Missions offering HOPE!

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One of the best parts about working at Clean the World is meeting and having an opportunity to really work with all the wonderful organizations that are dedicated to helping and serving those in need. Steven Cooper, CTW’s Operations Director coordinates with many shelters and homes locally, around Florida and local or regional to our hospitality partners. William Lowry, Global Operations Director and I are fostering relationships with larger, global non-profits.

From a local perspective, we have distributed soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bath gel, sewing kits, vanity kits and other items on a regular basis to Central Care Mission, STAR Family Center, Salvation Army Adult Re-hab Center, Salvation Army Men’s and Woman’s Shelter, Christian Service Center, Harvest Time International (local and global) and Covenant House. We recently made our first distribution to Help Now of Osceola County.

We made another wonderful connection this week with the Sanford HOPE Team and Seminole Behavioral Healthcare. We have given them about 500 pounds of goods to date. Sanford HOPE Team distribute across Orlando and Sanford. They actually parse the goods and distribute to several outreach and homeless ministries, including Christian Help in Castleberry, The Sharing Center in Longwood, Beeb’s Mobile Pantry in Longwood, Central Florida Dream Center in Sanford and Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford. Missions helping other missions help others… how cool is that!?! Sanford HOPE also does something I have never heard of prior- they go on a search for people in need. They actually go into the woods, camp sites, parks and other places to find those that need help… those that need soap, food, and other products essential to living may not come into a shelter, so Sanford HOPE goes to them. What an AWESOME mission! I love hearing about these groups from Steve and am so happy that Clean the World is working with such wonderful people to help others.

From a global perspective, William and I have been working on deeper relationships with major global non-profits, World Vision, Harvest Time International and Heart to Heart. These large, global non-profits have years of established distribution, logistics and operations in so many countries suffering high mortality rates from acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease. They are perfect partners for us to ensure Clean the World soap and shampoo is getting distributed to those that need it. It is critically important that are items are not sold, not found on the black market, not taxed by local governments but handed, for free, to mothers, children and families that need it! These great entities have established secure and reliable operations in countries that will become our second, third and fourth distribution fronts. Today, we are well established in Cap Haitien, Haiti, the northern region, and as we begin to move southward within the country, we will also begin distribution fronts in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, African countries and the Philippines. Remember, it is extremely important that when we open a new distribution front, we can sustain the influx of soap and shampoo for the constituents receiving. In order to save lives and prevent needless deaths caused by poor hygiene, soap and shampoo must distribute on a regular basis, sustained for very long periods of time.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pastor Brutus, Bobby Bahret with CTW, and I will travel back to Cap Haitien, Haiti later this week to oversee another large distribution. I am so excited to return to spend time with those helping us on the ground. More to come regarding this trip later.

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