Hygiene Kits Provide Dignity to St. Petersburg

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Homelessness is a growing epidemic all around the nation from cities like Las Vegas to St. Petersburg and many fellow residents are taking the initiative to make a difference in their community. “One of America’s greatest cities, St. Petersburg is an attractive destination for many, including homeless individuals. As a compassionate community, our city strives to serve the needs of our homeless neighbors while balancing the rights of all residents to have a safe, clean and attractive community for all to enjoy.”

On January 16, 2019, Pharma Services Group from Thermo Fisher Scientific hosted a hygiene kit build assembling 1,100 kits, via a give back team building activity through Wildly Different, a company whose mission is to provide outstanding team building experiences.

Pharma Services Group graciously donated the entire 1,100 hygiene kits to St. Petersburg Free Clinic, whose patients reside in unruly living conditions. St. Petersburg Free Clinic provides a number of benefits and services including shelter, food, to health and dental care.


“We have a transient client that was absolutely enthralled to receive the hygiene kit. It had been a considerable amount of time since they have had both a tooth brush and a razor. The hygiene kit was sincerely a blessing for this client.”

– Shaina Bent, Director of Food Programs

What's in a standard hygiene kit?

Clean the World Hygiene Kits contain essential items to help maintain daily hygiene. These kits include items such as a bar of recycled soap, repurposed bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion, a washcloth, a toothbrush, toothpaste along with a razor.

How you can get involved!

Hosting a Clean the World Hygiene Kit Build is a unique experience that provides your team members with the resources to not only strengthen bonds, but to give back to the community as well.

To schedule your very own hygiene kit build, visit Clean the World.


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