Hello! California teams up with the Alpha Project to service San Diego

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Lending a helping hand to San Diego's Homeless Community

This past November, Hello! Californiaa destination management company that provides outstanding guest services all around the nation, hosted a Clean the World Hygiene Kit Build, assembling a total of 200 hygiene kits! These kits were donated to the Alpha Project, a San Diego-based organization that services the local homeless. “The mission of the Alpha Project is to empower individuals, families, and communities by providing work, recovery and support services to people who are motivated to change their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

One man told us that he hadn’t taken a shower in 6 months. When we told him where he could take a shower and gave him a hygiene kit he was so happy.”

– Quanlo McSwain, Alpha Project Outreach Supervisor

How you can get involved!

Hosting a Clean the World Hygiene Kit Build is a unique experience that provides your team members with the resources to not only strengthen bonds, but to give back to the community as well. To schedule your very own hygiene kit build, visit Clean the World.

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