Distribution Update

Here is a recap of recent distribution both here in the United States and overseas:

New Vision Ministry: 100 soap bars, 100 shampoo, 100 body wash, 100 lotion, 100 conditioners

Children International: 108,000 soap bars

Clinician of the World: 3,000 soap bars

Hope House of Chicago: 5,166 units of hygiene amenities

Adriana’s Attic, Inc.: 300 soap bars, 200 shampoo, 20 body wash, 200 conditioners, 200 lotions

Recovery House of Central Florida: 3,000 soap bars, 300 shampoo, 200 body wash, 200 conditioners

Back to School Bash – Hope Help Inc.: 700 hygiene kits

Christian Service Center: 400 hygiene kits

Back2 school event: 1,000 hygiene kits

UCF Medical School: 400 hygiene kits for a mission to the Dominican Republic

Awesome Work and Travel: 200 soap bars

Compassion Corner: 300 soap bars, 200 body wash, 100 lotion, 100 shampoo, 100 conditioner

Operation Christmas Child in Ohio: 400 soap bars

Mission Unlimited: 1,000 soap bars, 1,000 body wash, 1,000 lotion

Harvest Time International Las Vegas: 5,000 units of hygiene amenities

Caesars Entertainment Back to School Event: 2,000 hygiene kits


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