Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers Turns Two!

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In the United States, there are thousands of individuals without access to water, sanitation, and hygiene, as approximately 48% of the nation’s population is experiencing homelessness. Clean the World recognized this growing issue and, in August of 2017, teamed up with Las Vegas Sands to design a mobile hygiene unit to provide showers and hygiene amenities to those struggling in the Las Vegas community.  The mobile hygiene unit, known as Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers, has the ability to provide approximately 250 showers a week.

Since its launch, the mobile hygiene unit has provided an astonishing 13,665 showers and 11,000 hygiene kits to those in need in Clark County, Nevada. In addition to being stationed throughout the city, the Mobile Hygiene Unit partners with other organizations to provide access to a variety of vital services, including housing programs, clothing, and employment assistance.   

One of our many amazing partners in Las Vegas, Critical Assistance Relief Effort – also known as CARE – had this to say about the Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers:

“The impact this service has provided to the community and our clients is incredibly large.

Our agency does not have any shower’s available on site, and proper hygiene is absolutely necessary for our clients to obtain employment and eventually become self-sufficient to transition from the streets. Previously we had to refer them to other agencies, including shelters, in order to obtain a shower. These showers often happen in a group setting, which can not only be unhygienic, but also strips an already vulnerable population of dignity even further. They also only offer these showers on a limited time basis, which doesn’t always work for all the clients we see.

Every Wednesday of the week that the [Mobile Hygiene Unit has] been on property, there is absolutely an increase in the number of clients accessing the property. Obviously to utilize the [MHU], but also receiving C.A.R.E. services. Many people will come to access the shower, then end up coming in to the building and access the computers, fill out an application for services, etc.

The need for this service is absolutely there and we are so grateful to be able to host this amazing truck and work so closely with truly great people.”

To access the full testimonial from CARE, click here.

Thank you!

Sands Cares Las Vegas has been a valuable partner over the years, and Clean the World would like to give a huge thank you. Thanks to their generosity, thousands of people in need have been able to shower and benefit from the assistance the Mobile Showers Hygiene Unit provides.

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