Guest Supply: An Invaluable Partner and Model of Corporate Social Responsibility

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guest_supply_logoSomething we realized early on at Clean the World is that there was no book out there explaining exactly how to operate a social enterprise focused on international soap recycling and hygiene education. We discovered a lot of things by trial and error. And one of the things we learned early on was the importance of forming great partnerships.

Such as our affiliation with Guest Supply.

Since shortly after we founded Clean the World in 2009, Guest Supply has supported our mission with generous assistance across every area of the organization:

  • Much-needed recovery and distribution logistics for discarded soap and shampoo products from many worldwide lodging partners
  • Donating surplus soap from Guest Supply manufacturing facilities
  • Manufacturing consulting and expertise
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Supplies for hygiene kits

And there is a multiplier effect as Guest Supply offers those same services to bolster our expansion in Asia and Europe.

This ongoing assistance from Guest Supply is a testament to its commitment to corporate social responsibility. President Paul Xenis and his team play integral roles in Clean the World’s quest to eliminate needless hygiene-related deaths. Since we founded Clean the World in 2009, hygiene-related deaths among children under the age of 5 have decreased 30 percent, from an average of 9,000 a day to less than 6,000, a day.

That would not have happened without the combination of in-kind and operational donations we receive from Guest Supply. This year we are creating new programs to improve hygiene, reduce illness, and increase school attendance in developing regions. Support from Guest Supply allows us to focus more of our resources on that effort.

Thanks, Guest Supply!

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