Clean the World Has Distributed 80 Million Bars of Soap!

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Clean the World is thrilled to share that we have now distributed over 80 MILLION bars of soap to communities in need across the globe. Clean the World has calculated that 1 bar of soap equals 100 handwashes, so with 80 million bars of soap, we have provided 8 BILLION handwashes. We could have only achieved this incredible feat through our partnerships within the hospitality industry.

There is a lot to celebrate here at Clean the World. Not only did we reach 80 million bars of soap distributed, but our hospitality partners are sending us more collection boxes full of soap and plastic this year than ever before! With each collection box and each bar or soap, we can help improve the lives of communities globally. I mean, 80 million bars of soap! That is enough soap to give every person in California at least two bars.

Through our hospitality partnerships, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on people’s lives by improving health and hygiene access. Our hospitality recycling program transforms gently used soap bars donated by hospitality partners into fresh, clean bars of soap. Working alongside the Clean the World Foundation, we then distribute these bars of soap to NGOs and charities worldwide.

When we all work together, we can change lives. If your hotel wants to start recycling its soap and plastic amenity bottles with Clean the World, click here today!

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