Hollywood starlet helps Clean the World

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She’s played a vampire on TV, but now actress Mariana Klaveno is ready to sink her teeth into something much more rewarding.

Klaveno, who starred as the wildly wicked “Lorena” on HBO’s hit “True Blood” series, is lending her celebrity stature and genuine passion to help Clean the World. [Click here to see her video]

The beautiful actress recently recorded several promotional scripts for Clean the World during a fun day of shooting at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, a prestigious hospitality partner of Clean the World.

“I heard about Clean the World from [comedian] Stephen Colbert,” Klaveno says. “I follow him on Twitter and I saw that he had sent a tweet in November about Clean the World and the soap you were sending to stop the spread of cholera in Haiti.”

The Twitter mention stuck in her mind, as did the thought of recycling soap to save lives. Klaveno made an online donation to Clean the World to help aid the cholera relief efforts, and frequently visited the organization’s website to learn more about how hotels throughout North America were partnering to turn trash into hygiene treasure for people in need. She still wanted to do more.

“During a magazine interview I was asked to give a ‘shout out’ to one of my favorite charities,” Klaveno says. “I had done that in the past, but I wanted to help an organization that maybe wasn’t that well known or hadn’t received that much attention. I immediately thought of Clean the World and wanted to get it on people’s radar – it’s such a wonderful organization.”

Now, as celebrity spokesperson for Clean the World, Klaveno can leverage her fame and growing popularity to help illuminate Clean the World’s efforts to promote a global hygiene revolution.

“It is the simplicity, the ingenuity and resourcefulness that make me love Clean the World so much,” she says. “Soap is something that is so easily recycled to save lives in an immediate and tangible way. People can make an emotional attachment to that. It’s a brilliant idea that’s good for the planet. It’s good for humans, and it’s good for hotels. It’s good for everyone.”

Klaveno recorded several scripts for Clean the World that highlight the remarkable demand for hygiene supplies in the United States, Canada, and underdeveloped nations all around the globe. She said it was a real eye-opener to see some of the statistics and think in a different way about soap – especially hotel soaps – something so many of us take for granted.

“I’ve always loved soaps, and now I love them more,” Klaveno says. “It seems like there are a million hotel options wherever you travel, and one of the easiest things you can do is make the choice to stay at a Clean the World-affiliated hotel. You always have a choice, and that’s a good way to make conscious choices to help Clean the World.”

Klaveno has expressed interest in accompanying Clean the World staff on an upcoming soap distribution trip to Haiti, where Clean the World has already distributed more than 2 million bars of soap since the 2010 earthquake. Like so many other humanitarian missions, she says, it has the potential to really have long-lasting impact.

“I assume it is something that would change your life forever,” Klaveno says. “To see how people in underdeveloped countries live so differently than we do. There’s so much we take for granted. A trip like this will let you know what little it takes to make a positive impact on a child or family. I think it will be something I will remember and treasure forever.”

[Click here to see Mariana Klaveno in her debut as spokesperson for Clean the World.]


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